Sunday, June 5, 2011

rihanna sanskrit tattoo

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  • How Many Tattoos Does Rihanna

  • imacintel
    Nov 14, 08:47 AM
    C'mon...Air Canada? Anybody?

    I <3 E190

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  • Rihanna tattoos

  • TN-3
    Jul 10, 11:01 PM
    Wow, I was going to go by after my meeting at work (approx. noon)...I hope there will be some left. I guess I will stop by the Apple store in Green Hills first, if they are out, then it is off to the Cool Springs store.

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  • RaZaK
    Mar 27, 02:29 PM
    Eric: Come on Steve, I want an updated MacBook Pro now.
    Steve: You know what, I have it, it's ready, but I refuse to release it.

    not to worry

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  • mi5moav
    Sep 25, 10:08 AM
    So, I'm assuming 1.5 will not be available today but in October?? I wonder if the stolen RED VC has anything to do with macrumors RED announcement & Apple, though they thought it had to do with BONO and not with Oakley RED.


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  • sloppygator2013
    Apr 24, 05:02 PM
    You're a genius!!

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  • mljones99
    Mar 27, 12:19 PM
    On my way home last night from a wedding I noticed gas anywhere from 3.49 to 3.66 for 87 octane.


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  • BklynKid
    Jun 10, 11:53 AM
    It took a "research firm" to figure this out? I don't know why people were expecting Verizon to get it before T-mobile. All carriers will get it eventually but it makes only sense that the one also using the GSM network will get it first.

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  • afd
    Apr 22, 05:42 PM
    1. Real men ride Harleys.

    Don't real men drive Minis? Proper ones, not the BMW ones.


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  • macUser2007
    Apr 19, 04:27 PM
    Nothing, directly. I was responding to a previous comment as you can see. There is an indirect connection to the cartoonist issue. My feeling is that there's a general failure to understand why Apple has a restrictive policy regarding what types of apps can appear in the app store. My post addressed the issue regarding the prohibition of pornography, instead of the issue of what defines an app with defamatory content as was the case with the cartoonist. There's also, in my opinion, a failure to appreciate that the lack of consistency in the app approval process is a result of Apple being unable to anticipate every scenario and nuance that is presented by certain apps, and the fact that Apple hires people to review apps. You can't realistically expect different people to always agree on situations that are slightly different. In order to respond to the explosion of submitted apps, Apple must have had to hire a lot of new reviewers. That means that you may have less control over the quality and experience level of the people that you have working as reviewers.

    This is a whole lot of excuses, for a policy which is simply inexcusable.

    There are many other companies which sell applications and content, which don't resort to such draconian measures. When I download a new version of Firefox on my desktop, I don't get a warning that it may provide access to inappropriate content. Neither Apple, nor MS arbitrarily ban desktop applications from being purchased or distributed.

    Apple wants to be a publishing distributor. If they can object to and ban the cartoon today, why not object to and ban an article in The Economist tomorrow?

    Apple has become Big Brother. It wants to control every purchase and every download, so it doesn't miss a single dollar you may otherwise spend outside the walled garden. And these are the predictable consequences.

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  • DiamondMac
    Apr 14, 12:36 PM
    You ain't kidding. I drive by an Apple Store every morning for work, and there are always the same three Asian college - age students waiting outside 3 hours before opening. I assume they're there everyday hoping a new shipment came in overnight. I'm in the wrong line of work.

    Well, every morning I try to go get iPad a bunch of white people are out there and you know some are selling them on EBay.

    Damn white people


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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 19, 10:23 PM
    I haven't read the link yet, but what would be the URL to the files so you can access them either via a URL or to put an image up in the [IMG] tags?

    Or are you simply wanting to use it as an "external HD"?From reading the article, I believe it is the latter. If somebody wrote a suitable device driver so that Gmail storage looked like an external or network disk to Mac OS X, the same thing would work on a Mac. If.

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  • pukifloyd
    Mar 29, 06:32 PM
    he looks so thin...damn

    sure this was a publicity stunt...


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  • ColoJohnBoy
    May 22, 11:28 AM
    As I write this, I am sitting at my parent's old Compaq Presario 5000, with 750 MHz AMD Duron, 576 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard Drive, and 64 MB NVidia GeForce 2 card (Most of it I have upgraded myself) and running Windows XP Home. I have used PCs for about ten years now. I am familiar with them, I know exactly where to find everthing on them, how to fix everything on them.... I know how everything works, even in XP. Yet Last June, I switched to Mac. Why?

    1) Design. PC computers are just hideous. Really, they're simply not attractive to look at. The only one that comes glose is Gateway's All-In-One computer. But even that is no iMac. Apple computers really are beautiful. They're simple, graceful, and durable.

    2) Mac OS X. Like I said, I know every Windows OS inside and out, having used every iteration of it for ten years. Yet I prefer OS X. Just like the physical design of the computer, OS X is simple, graceful, and durable. What some might perceive as "dumbed down" I see as rid of the unneecessary aspects that all but a small fraction of the computer user population use. It's clear and straightforward, and never have I experienced any problems with it. I admit, it has crashed twice. But both times it was because I was trying to run a severly faulty program. That's two crashes in one year. I'm lucky if I can make it through one day without having Windows (Yes, even XP) crash twice.

    3) iApps. I've been using my parents computer lately, and looking for a good MP3 program to use while I do. I've been spoilt by iTunes. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, for PCs that works as well as iTunes. I've been using MusicMatch, but after iTunes it seems clunky, redundant, and difficult to use. Dare I say, unintuitive.

    4) Health. I have enough headaches in my life already. I don't need even the small stresses that crashes, program errors, and unintuitive programs cause. I don't stress out when I'm using my Macs. It's like electronic aspirin.

    I admit to bashing Pcs. But I must defend myself by saying that I use them enough to be entitled to such bashing. For me, Macs are better, and I bash them with good reason.

    That, and bashing PCs is just fun ;)


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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 21, 09:26 AM
    even the normal ones cant match up to the 320m esp in windows so i wonder how a 6EU underclocked/volted HD3000 would be able to catch up:mad:

    All mobile CPUs have Intel HD 3000 which has 12 EUs.


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  • misdy
    May 1, 04:33 PM
    Maybe Puzzle Quest? Although, that doesn't use hearts or potions. It's the type of game you're talking about though.

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Apr 2, 02:04 PM
    I don't think Pages is horrible. It's not great, but it isn't quite as bad for me as everyone else finds it. I don't use it all that much (Keynote gets used far more than Pages does).


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  • ksmith173
    Mar 13, 11:06 AM
    Mine went ahead just fine. I had an alarm set, and that also went off at the proper time.

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  • Psilocybin
    Apr 23, 12:17 PM
    :eek: You're joking right?

    I have always gamed on laptops - M17x, M11x, MBP, VAIO Z... list goes on and on. Add the Air to that list now. The 320M is a very capable chip and it can play many modern games at medium settings smoothly.

    The way you describe laptop chipsets makes you sound like you've only ever tried laptop gaming with a GMA500 :p

    i have gamed on laptops my whole life...i have no idea where you get the idea that you cannot game on laptops...what do you think the alienware line is for?

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  • spydr
    Apr 5, 10:20 AM
    Wait....let me guess, their final conclusion is , that they still don't recommend it because of XYZ issues affecting a whopping 1% of the customers. Do I win the prize? :D

    Dec 2, 04:34 PM
    just tried to go to the website and it is no longer online

    Sep 13, 09:06 AM
    Originally posted by chmorley

    p.s., Dell a "top tier" vendor?
    Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing :D

    Apr 21, 09:38 PM
    that's not a bad route to go at this point. but remember, for gpu folding you have to use windows, at least for now.

    any you really only get a tone of points if you overclock or run multiple gpus in windows

    thats what i was thinking about the mac pro, load one up with 4 gfx cards, or a hackintosh running osx, windows on bootcamp using the extra gfx cores and the main F@H on the OSx side with the cpu,

    Apr 24, 04:23 AM
    why isnt my fah using cpu cycles? i dl's the client and started it in sys prefs

    never mind, its going

    Nov 30, 07:55 AM
    No spy chips, thank you.

    I saw that website, and laughed.

    "Wal-Mart is embedding RFID's In clothing ZOMG1984"

    Those RFIDs are not secret government alien probes, they are made by sensormatic, are destroyed at point of sale (those demagnatizers, the bzzh sound is the RFID being scrambled), and only used if you walk out the door with something unpaid. Even then, it's not a GPS mega sensor that's tracking your every move, it just reacts with the sensors at the door to set off an alarm.

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