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  • rajeevepatric
    03-12 10:56 AM
    I am a computer science graduate from India ( 4 year engineering degree course) with 3 years experince in SAP. A reputed company in US has agreed to process H1 for me. They have only asked for my educational certificates. My experience certificates were not submitted since they said it is required only when you go for the H1B at the US Embassy.

    My query is wheather experince certificates are required for applying H1B.

    Thanks and regards,

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  • pappu
    01-09 11:29 AM
    Technically yes. But USCIS looks at cases under a microscope when they see multiple applications from a same applicant. And if the the sponsor is a small firm, you can expect some careful screening. Increasingly USCIS is making efforts to ensure GC system is not abused by people. A lot of companies had in the filed for GC for several employees and GC applications for latter and sometimes former applicants were denied when it was found that the employer cannot show enough funds to support them. Take the risk only when you are sure. Lawyers will be happy to file multiple applications because they will get double their fees. BTW each lawyer generally makes you sign a contract beofre taking a case where the lawyer says that he cannot guarantee GC and if it is denied, lawyer takes no responsibility.

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  • gc_vsc
    01-27 04:38 PM
    Many listen to NPR radio . did something on NPR during 1999-2000

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    09-07 07:00 PM
    Indian Government sources had said that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security had contacted the ministry of external affairs (MEA), India around the time Mr Pacheco was incarcerated for his alleged involvement in the mysterious death of his girlfriend Nadia Torrado � he was in jail from July 9 till July 26, when he was awarded bail. He is a former Goa, India tourism minister Francisco Xavier �Mickky� Pacheco was caught on the backfoot on Sunday once again as reports surfaced that the US State Department�s Bureau of Diplomatic Security had informed India that Mr Pacheco might be involved in a big immigration and money laundering racket.

    Mr Pacheco used to operate an employment agency along with his estranged wife Sara Pacheco which specialized in finding employment for Goans abroad. But according to the former minister, he has had nothing to do with the agency since he separated from his wife around four years back.

    Mr. Mickey Pacheco has been accused by the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security of running an international immigration and money-laundering racket. The bureau got in touch with the external affairs ministry through the US embassy in Delhi and reportedly backed its allegations with documents and details of banking transactions. The ministry then passed on the information to the CBI. The evidence is being described as substantive. According to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security report, Pacheco had 15 million dollars in his account in the US. He recently transferred 2 million dollars to India.

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    07-20 04:00 PM
    Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DOD) today announced that National Guard deployments to the Southwest border will begin on Aug. 1 as part of the administration�s unprecedented efforts to combat the transnational criminal organizations that smuggle weapons, cash and people across our Southwest border. The President has also requested $600 million in supplemental funds for enhanced border protection and law enforcement activities, which are critical to our ongoing efforts.

    �Over the past year and a half, this administration has pursued a new border security strategy with an unprecedented sense of urgency, making historic investments in personnel, technology and infrastructure,� said Secretary Napolitano. �These troops will provide direct support to federal law enforcement officers and agents working in high-risk areas to disrupt criminal organizations seeking to move people and goods illegally across the Southwest border.�

    In May, the President authorized the deployment of up to an additional 1,200 National Guard troops to the Southwest border to provide support for intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, and counternarcotics enforcement�providing support for one year as part of the administration�s unprecedented efforts to crack down on transnational smuggling and cartel violence, as CBP continues to recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the Southwest border. In deploying these personnel, the National Guard Bureau is operating under a request for assistance from DHS. Border security is a law enforcement mission, and these troops will augment the Administration's efforts to crack down on the drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations that operate along our Southwest border.

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  • nashorn
    12-18 05:53 PM
    Gurus, please help. Can anybody throw some light on why my LUD has changed on I-485. Could it be because of name clearance.
    Name check cleared would not result in a lud. But if you get more luds in the next couple of days, which probebly means they are processing your case, you can say your name check is cleared, because they only start process your case after name check is cleared.

    Is you PD current? If not, your case cann't be approved no matter how many luds.


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  • boston_gc
    09-11 11:25 AM

    I have a quick question about PERM requirements. I was told by my attorney that if I own my company�s stocks, I will be considered a part owner of the company and this will automatically trigger an audit.

    My company is a private company and I was given some stock options with very few stocks that I have exercised. I will really appreciate your response.


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  • Desi Unlucky
    09-14 10:57 PM
    I applied for I 485 , AP and EAD during 07 July. I got a fp notice back in 2007 and I got another one two weeks ago. I went ahead and did my bio-metrics over the weekend at TSC Application Support Center.

    Does this mean that somebody has looked into my file and pre adjudicated it? or is it a automated thing and does not mean anything?

    Please advice!

    I do not know. I got a notice too. Due for Biometrics this month end.


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  • pani_6
    04-07 02:34 PM
    Is this talking I-485 or Citizenship??:confused:

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  • jpmaddali
    04-27 04:38 PM

    My EB2 I-140 got approved during 1st week of April and USCIS successfully ported my EB3 priority date of Jan, 2006 to the new EB2 I-140. As per my attorney, interfiling shouldn't be done as I have been with same employer all along and same employer sponsored for my porting. The attorney says, this should be automatically taken care of by USCIS.

    My question is...I couldn't find the proper procedure/documentation for my scenario. Did any body come across this situation and can any one offer any suggestion?

    Thanks for any inputs,


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  • amerengla
    08-24 01:25 PM
    I came over here just over 5 years ago on a fiancee visa, with my daughter who was 7yrs old at the time, married my now husband, and went through the Greencard process, and finally got my 10 yr Greencard about a year ago. Everything has been fine up till now, but 3 weeks ago I discovered that my husband had been sexually molesting my daughter for the previous 2 weeks, she is now 12 yrs old!
    I got out of the home immediately and have been staying with freinds for the last 3 weeks. We reported this to the police and have been interviewed by them, DCF, and she has given a taped interview to the Child Protection Team, and now we are waiting to find out where we go from here!
    I have never worked since I arrived here, as he needed me at home with my daughter and his 2 children who he had custody of. So I am now homeless, pennyless, because he has cut me off from everything, and in dispair as to where to go from here.
    My family in the UK just want to to return home immediately, but if I do I may jeapordise my case, and will probably be brought back to testify anyway in the coming months!
    Any advice anyone?

    I live in Jacksonville Florida.

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  • Greatdesi
    05-25 05:20 AM
    I am in the same situation.. send docs to Dallas lockbox.

    Applied for EAD renewal and documents reached on May7th.. checks not cased yet. I think the whole lockbox is creating the delays but one they get to your application it is relatively quick.

    Do let me know when your checks are cased.

    Did you receive the receipts or your checks deposited?


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  • WaitingUnlimited
    09-23 01:18 AM
    Any advice on this?


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  • trexx7
    07-27 11:07 AM
    Thank you. But Am I allowed to do 2 485 applications? I thought we need to stick with only one 485...


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    11-08 03:30 PM
    The H-3 trainee visa is a non-immigrant visa option for foreign nationals seeking training in any field of endeavor, including, but not limited to, commerce, communications, finance, government, transportation, agriculture, or the professions (except physicians).

    Specifically, the H-3 is utilized by a foreign national seeking to pursue a career outside the United States, and training in the U.S. is necessary because the foreign national's home country does not have the type of training program available. Once the training program in the U.S. has concluded, the trainee must return to his or her home country to use the skills gained in the training program. In order to qualify, the U.S. employer must show that the foreign national's home country does not offer or does not prepare the trainee for the type of work that is available in the country, therefore training in the U.S. is necessary. When submitting H-3 visa petitions to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), employers must establish that the training program includes the following:

    Detailed description of the type of training and supervision to be given;
    The training program structure;
    Amount of time that will be devoted to productive employment (which must be kept at a minimum since this visa is for training and not for productive employment).
    Number of hours the foreign national will spend in classroom instruction and on-the-job training;
    Detail the career abroad for which the foreign national is training;
    Explanation as to why the training cannot be obtained in the country abroad and the reason the training in the U.S. is necessary;
    Source of remuneration.

    The H-3 trainee visa is a valuable non-immigrant visa option for training in a variety of industries. For more information regarding H-3 visas or any other immigration related matters, please call Kraft & Associates at 214-999-9999.

    More... (

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  • suriajay12
    11-15 07:01 AM
    Thanks Gulute.

    Can somebody please help me on this.
    If we have to open one more office elsewhere, do you think there are any specific requireemnts the office space must meet.
    Like sq footage, cabins.. etc. Do you have any link that talks about office space wrt immigration requirements,
    I am not an employer, but I got a project to look for space and this is considered important as its related to immigration requirements.

    Thansk a LOT in adv.


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  • pappu
    05-28 02:18 PM
    Thank you for the thread

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  • singqor
    06-06 08:44 PM
    Hi guys,

    We have been trying to talk to somebody consequential at the US Embassy in New Delhi because of a medical emergency. My wife and son both are in India. My son, who is a US citizen requires immediate medical assistance in US. Unfortunately, my wife does not have any visa at this moment because of some technicalities.

    We are trying to contact somebody from the embassy staff who can assist us in getting an emergency visa appointment. we tried to call the numbers given on their website, but we are only able to reach low level operators who simply redirect us to another automatic voice mail number. Also, writing to their email address is not proving anymore helpful. Mostly we don't even get any reply to our emails. Sometimes we simply get some automatic response to our emails which is not at all relevant to our requests.

    So if anybody has any direct number/email of some senior embassy staff, please forward it to us. It will be really helpful for us.

    Thanks, and God bless you all.

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  • ivuser9
    12-07 10:02 AM
    Day1 ur h1b visa starts

    10-20 10:39 AM
    With just 14 days left, it is getting more and more clear tht Obama is going to be the president of the US for atleat next 4 yrs, unless some miracle change the race in coming days. And Projected Senate looks like, democrats will have 60 or almost there which is required to bypass a filibuster and Dems would be incresing their lead in House.
    Dont we have to strt sending emails to Obama,Pelosi and Reid after Nov 4th.

    01-29 05:03 PM
    You are travelling at the end of June, that means nearly 5 months from now
    Here are my opinion

    1) Since you are extending your H1B right now, Why can't yoy apply for premium processing?

    2) Mean while Apply for EAD also. You will get in 90 days

    3) For AP you can take infopass or call Customer Service -- Normally AP gets approved in 30 days. Check other threads also where others have used infopass to Expedite the case

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