Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • buehler
    02-07 12:20 PM

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  • sweet_jungle
    02-02 02:13 AM
    Can somebody provode me list of H-1 sponsoring consultants in non-IT field?

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  • gc_discussion
    02-27 10:15 PM
    Now working on H1b, 8th year
    PD: Oct 2005
    I 140: approved
    I 485: pending
    AP, EAD: approved

    I want to change job to another employer.Can the new employer file an H1b for me based on my approved I 140. I prefer to be on H1b as traveling is easier and don't have to wait for the EAD, AP each year and the uncertainities invloved.

    I would appreciate replies.

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  • ambals03
    04-11 11:29 AM
    It will be nice everyone from Texas can attend this and ask our question:

    Facebook DC Live: Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=105580199526052)


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  • bokeifus31
    February 12th, 2009, 02:04 PM
    I'm pricing the d300, and I am trying to find one within my budget. Is a Nikon USA refurbished d300 just as good as a brand new one? I'm a little perplexed. My d70s is QUICKLY on its way out, and I need a new camera SOON.

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  • Ryall
    10-01 01:34 AM
    your second one is much better.... a bit of advice on the first one: get that yellow thing out of there!!! You first one, is a bit unorganized, and well not really too interesting, no effects that grab your eyes. The second one, while very simplistic too at least has a much more pleasing layout. Keep at it - you're already improving.



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  • iad2ead
    06-22 03:40 PM
    I am planning to schedule a visa appointment soon. I was filling DS-156 form
    and have a following question:

    Item#36 : "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant visa petition on your Behalf?".

    Here is my situation:
    Myself -> H1B
    My wife, kid -> H4

    Applied for I-485 last year ( all 3 of us ).


    For me, I understand that I say "yes" and mention name of my employer.
    But for my wife+kid, I say "yes", but what should I fill for "who" part?

    Also, Item#33 for my kid (2nd grade), should answer to "Do you intend to study
    in US" be YES or NO ? ( my guess is YES, and name of the elementary school?)

    thanks in advance gurus

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  • SlowRoasted
    06-05 04:26 PM
    kinda odd looking, i dont think im feeling this one.


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  • snathan
    04-19 07:11 PM
    I got an email from a reporter at the Seattle Business Magazine who is writing an article on the lack of Immigration reform in the United States and how that is adversely affecting innovation and job creation.

    The magazine in question is definitely not a major publication, however I think its important to highlight our case wherever possible.

    Is there a 'Media Kit' on the lines of "meet your lawmaker kit' ? I looked at the "contact media" link on the home page but could not find anything.

    I would be grateful if someone can point me to the relevant material, or if someone is willing to share their experience in talking to the media.


    Please contact Star Sun

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  • caydee
    01-04 04:21 PM
    I believe you question has been answered here:

    FREE EB Immigration Advice from a Lawyer | Read more (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?p=207273#post207273) | Hear the Recording (http://immigrationvoice.blogspot.com/)

    I have filed 485 for all my family members and received the EAD and AP(s). FP is not done yet. My daughter is in 1st year undergrad. Is there a way my daughter's 485 status can be maintained, if I join my daughter for MBBS study in India? If yes, what would be the option. Apreciate the suggestion


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  • sivanyk1234
    11-07 09:31 AM
    If the foreign financial institution (for example bank) are not reporting to IRS about our (US resident) bank account etc. Do we need to close our bank account in foreign country.

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  • sdouglas
    06-29 02:44 PM
    That did the trick. Thanks. I reinstalled the program and was good to go...


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  • wandmaker
    07-20 10:38 AM

    I got an RFE on EAD Renewal and notice says the following.

    The application you submitted must bear the original signature of the applicant. You must sign the attached copy of Form I-765 in the signature block marked in Red.

    I got only RFE notice with this information and there is no attachment with this RFE.
    I am 200% sure that I signed the application.
    Now I have no idea what to do and there is no attachment to sign.

    I filed myself without attorney help.

    Any one please help me how to handle this RFE.
    Can I send new I-765 application or request again for attachment
    My EAD expiring on 8/26/2008

    Paper based application
    Applied on May 5th 2008 at NSC


    You might have signed using a black ink. Now-a-days, the photocopiers are so cool, you can not differentiate between original and a copy. It could be one of the reason, USCIS has sent an RFE on your EAD. Write a cover letter, Fill a new 765 form with the same details as the one you last sent and Remember to sign in BLUE ink.

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  • johnick
    06-18 04:21 PM
    Hi everyone!

    I had a question about receiving updates in the mail and checking the case status online. This is for my Marriage-based GC interview at the San Francisco office. My service center is Missouri MSC.

    I had my interview for marriage based GC on May 27th. The interview was short and went very well. The IO said that everything was in order, though I needed to have my dr resend USCIS my medical reports again as the dr had missed some fields on the medical form. The IO said many dr's were missing some fields on the recently updated forms. The IO then gave me a form which said that I needed the medical examination resent and which also had the "Further review" box checked. The IO said I should get something in the mail within 10 days of USCIS getting the new medical report.

    I immediately went and had my dr resend the medical report with everything filled out. The USCIS acknowledged the receipt of the new fully filled medical form on June 2nd.

    It is June 18th today and I have not received anything in the mail yet. The online USCIS case tracker hasn't been updated in months and still shows my case as having been on the "Accepted on March 17th" stage, even though I've already done the finger printing and the interview. Calling the 1-800 number for status updates says the same thing, that I applied on March 17th and that a letter was mailed to me regarding finger printing.

    Do you know why I haven't gotten anything in the mail yet, or why the online status tracker hasn't updated at all? I wonder if this is a bad thing, a normal thing, or if the San Francisco field office [or the Missouri Process Center MSC] is taking longer than usual to send out mails after the interviews?



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  • lelica32
    11-30 10:38 PM
    yes, you can apply without any problems.

    Anyone can apply.

    No will not affect your I-140 or I-485

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  • jonty_11
    02-06 02:20 PM
    u can retain PD only if u have Labor and I140 approved from Old Company.
    When u file I-140 with new company - u dislcose intent to retain old PD as u submit copy of approved I-140 (u got with old Comapny)


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  • hsj
    06-05 04:19 PM
    Great work !

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  • kirupa
    09-21 10:50 PM
    That should be straightforward to do using buttons and a scrollviewer. The two buttons would be for the Left and Right arrows, and the scrollviewer would be the parent container for your images.

    If you need more details, I can try to provide you with an example, but I may be delayed a bit with that :)


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  • nirdlalegcade
    01-29 10:16 AM
    can I leave US while my green card is pending? I have H4 visa and it is still valid. any help? Thank you so much! :D

    11-02 03:35 PM
    I know this has been discussed a lot but I need advise or suggestions..

    I am under Eb2 with priority date of Jan 2007 (labor and I140 approved) waiting for date to be current so that I can file I485 AOS....

    My wife wants to convert from H4 to F1 for coming Spring 2011 so that she can take assistantship..

    Is it advisable to change status to F1 with priority date so close..? does it cause any problems for her I485 application since F1 status is Non-immigrant category..

    Please advise..

    02-20 02:11 PM

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