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celebrity rehab jeff conaway

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  • lghtslpr
    02-02 07:20 PM
    Does anyone have any insights or theories on why PERM processing is so badly delayed at Atlanta? And why are applications being processed out of order? People who filed in Jan 06 are getting approved while those who with priority dates in 2005 are still waiting. Does anybody have ANY idea? There should be some transparency in the process. It's just a black box right now and that makes the process ten times more frustrating.

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  • samirpatel08
    09-09 01:16 PM
    My case was approved on Aug 19, 2010. I received my card on Aug 26, 2010.

    Unfortunately, The EAD card had a wrong start date. I have sent my cards back for correction on Sept 2, 2010.

    (I do have approval e-mail of my cards and the case.)

    So, Question is, Can I work while my cards come back with the correct date. I don't have receipt of the replacement cards in my hand yet.

    Please let me know.

    celebrity rehab jeff conaway. Jeff Conaway Tragedy: Does Dr.
  • Jeff Conaway Tragedy: Does Dr.

  • desi3933
    02-22 11:30 AM
    hi gurus,

    please advise what are my options. I-140 is pending and i have 9th year H1-B expiring Dec 2009. still working for same company. in case I-140 stays pending up to December 2009. what should i do to stay in status.

    thanks in advance.

    Your H1-B can be extended for 1 year.

    **** Not a legal advice ***

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  • xmastatazx
    July 21st, 2004, 08:11 AM
    Hey guys,

    i just picked this puppy, i ws either thinkin canon s400/500 or sony T1, i know the quality of the pics of canon are superb, but from experience of SONY camera and the size size of t1 just blown me away.

    anyway, i know that there are many features, which initially are not easy to use and it takes time, but once you learn the feature,s its phenomenal!
    my question was, for INDOOR use, what is the best mode to use? i tried with auto, but thigns come out blurry when there are movigng objects, or people in my case, i try to use the sports mode, but then it comes out really dark. is tehre any other mode or anythgin else i can adjust in auto mode to take nice still pictures for moving objects indoor with decent flash?



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  • desijackass
    03-08 09:37 AM
    I posted this on my facebook. Just to spread the message. I think most people think immigrants steal their jobs, but the truth is sometimes we struggle to hire a local person and then a foreigner walks in with the skills we need, but we can't hire him. (this is not to say we have not had good quality local people for the job as well)

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  • slowwin
    05-20 04:58 PM


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  • garybanz
    12-26 05:26 PM

    My company prepared for my PERM filing in EB2 category. They did all recruitement efforts. But at the time of filing, company annouced some lay-offs as "restructuring". Now my lawyer says, it is their policy not to file for PERM before six months of any lay -offs since some lay -offs involve same job title as my labor supposed to be filed. Since this is my lawyer's policy, My question is, is it safe to file PERM right now? What if I use different job title then the one my lawyer used before for recruitement efforts. (I understand he has to do new recruitement efforts for this ne job title, but is it safe?). What choices do I have, I do not want to delay my PERM filing. Please help...


    Most companies don't file any PERM applications within 6 months of any major layoffs.

    2010 Jeff Conaway Tragedy: Does Dr. celebrity rehab jeff conaway. Jeff Conaway suffers serious
  • Jeff Conaway suffers serious

  • snathan
    03-03 11:09 PM
    Quick survey to findout how many people like the idea of having their passports restamped here in USA and avoid all the surprises and shocks. This doesn't need any legal fixes. It is a convenient measure for everyone. Besides it was an old practice that was stopped for "security" reasons or some crapp. It is a small step but helps with any cases like family emergency or some urgent business need to travel abroad.

    Based on the poll results and suggestions, we can comeup with a strategy to address the issue.

    This is alreay part of the Admin fix and unfortunately its not moving forward.


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  • ashton
    01-06 09:15 PM
    Hello all,

    Anyone who has knowledge in the following can reply back to me.

    Mother 10 years Multiple visa will expire in May 5th of this year, questions:

    1. What is the last date she can travel with this Visa?

    2. She overstayed her trip in 1998 by 2 yrs and came back 3 times after that trip without any issues at POE and did not O/S her time in 2006 twice and in 2007 , what complication would she have at the Trinidad (Caribbean) Embassy for renewal visa ?

    3. Would they ask about the first trip and why she O/S ? not sure since she made 3 trips after and had NO issue at POE.

    4. Should I go with her for the visa renewal, since I could explain better if this questions comes up ? I have her regular Dr. letter and medical record showing that she was I'll and was seeing him, but not from the hospital.

    The reason she O/S in 1998 is due to emergency surgery 15 days before her return date so she was ill and couldn't go back until she feel well which she did and went back on in 2001.

    Your help is appreciated

    PD 03/01/01
    RO 10/02/02
    45 dys Letter 03/04/05
    LC Appd 03/09/05
    ETA D-04295-XXXXX
    I-140/485/765 RD 06/03/05
    I-140/485/765 ND 06/09/05
    FP ND 06/27/05
    EAD AD 6/30/05
    I-140 AD 7/05/05
    I-485 AD 01/05/06
    Rec Card on 01/13/06
    End of GC Process

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  • sw33t
    12-08 06:52 PM

    I had a Biometrics/FP appointment today @ 8:00 AM at the San Antonio
    Application Service Center. I showed up at 7:58 AM. At 8:00 AM, a
    staff member opened the door and yelled out that people with 8:00 and
    9:00 AM appointments should step forward and a lot of people in the
    line raced to the front. I did not.

    I got in at 8:03 AM and was handed an information sheet to be filled
    out. 8:08 AM, I was done completing the data sheet. At 8:10 AM, I went
    to get my token and the service rep looked at the Drivers License
    photo and my photo and told me that I don't look like "sw33t".
    Luckily, I had my passport with me and he inspected my fingers after
    which he gave me a token and waved me through.

    I didn't even have to sit and the FP service agent called out my token
    number and I went straight in.

    8:11 AM - This was the process -

    a. Left hand - all four fingers
    b. Left hand - thumb
    c. Right hand - all four fingers
    d. Right hand - thumb
    e. Left hand - Each individual finger starting off with the thumb.
    f. Right hand - Each individual finer starting off with the thumb.

    He stamped my application with the QC stamp, asked me about the
    service and filled out the service report card on his own and asked me
    to drop it off at the box.

    I came out and went straight to my car and checked the time on my cell
    phone - 8:16 AM.

    18 minutes - I think I set a new record.

    HTH. I haven't checked to see if the LUD was updated.

    PS: If you are from san antonio, please PM me.


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  • EdenMN
    12-15 08:46 PM
    one more to the list and list can go on....

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  • girishvar
    08-10 05:44 PM
    I dont know the answer. Please call NVC to get the correct answer.

    Thanks girishvar

    So ones I have new passport should I have to send copy to Consulate or NVC?


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  • senk1s
    10-15 05:02 PM
    your company needs to maintain an HR file with I9 for all employees (including US citizens)

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  • jai007
    02-27 11:17 AM
    We have filled on July 19th Not yet received the FP notice.


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  • mrsr
    08-15 08:15 PM
    Bump up

    dresses Celebrity Rehab is a VH1 celebrity rehab jeff conaway. 3 readers#39;Celebrity Rehab with
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  • sodh
    07-25 02:20 PM
    I second that.


    makeup Conaway#39;s manager says the celebrity rehab jeff conaway. R.I.P. Jeff Conaway
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  • krishmunn
    10-14 09:00 AM
    Your husband will need to go for H4 once the H1 time runs out (check if any time can be recaptured)

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  • mk26
    07-14 12:33 PM
    For me, company is moving to another town but same county , will this a problem ? is there any link to DOL site for this info?

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  • gondalguru
    07-16 02:19 AM
    If your PD is current and AOS case is approvable exept your FP which is more than 15 months old then you might get a FP notice to have it done before USCIS approves the AOS application.

    07-24 02:16 PM
    This date is very important and you do not want to enter the wrong date.

    I-94 dates are available on the I-797 reciept as well as if one enters the country via air. The latest I-94 that the applicant gets is the one that is valid.

    For example, you applied for H1 and got an approved I-797 reciept. Then you went to India and got your visa stamped in your passport and you then came back to the US, and at the port of Entry you filled up a New I-94 form (white card). Then this white card takes precedence over your I-797 notice, since this was the last one obtained. Legally you are permitted to stay in the country till the expiry dateon this white I-94 card.

    The later assume if you went in for your H1B extension and then recieved a new I-797 approval with a I-94 stub attached at the bottom (green I-94). Then since this green stub is the latest I-94 you have recieved , you are permitted to stay in the country legally till the expiry date on the green stub.

    In case this is just your first I-94, and you haven't gone out of the country yet for any stamping of the visa on your passport, then the green stub I-94 on your I-797 is the one you ought to be referring to.

    But once again, please consult your lawyer about this, as there can be various interpratations and you must understand all aspects of it.

    12-12 01:45 PM
    Ask your lawyer or company HR to talk to USCIS and they will file a Service Request (SR).

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