Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • outlawarth
    Apr 21, 04:09 PM
    Am I the only one that thinks all of this "No new iPhone until September" stuff is just a result of Apple's attempts to keep iP5 under wraps? After last year, I bet the security around iPhone 5 is intense...

    I bet it comes out this June as it's supposed to. A5, double RAM, Double capacity, *fingers crossed* 4" screen, and a couple more features that no one thought of, but can't live without ;)

    Totally agreed. Keeps iP5 under wraps and ensures iP4 continues selling in the meantime.

    We'll find out soon I guess.

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  • Happybunny
    Apr 14, 03:42 AM
    Yesterday a record broken here in the Netherlands, � 1.747 a Liter.

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  • Jolly Giant
    Apr 12, 08:02 AM
    winclone hasn't been updated in a while but could still work for you.

    however, also have a look @ Casper (

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  • skunk
    Apr 3, 06:09 PM
    It's time to take back the asylum.You don't have to be mad, but it sure helps.


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  • MacRumorUser
    Apr 2, 10:54 AM
    The 3DS is a glossy nightmare and should be used as a showcase of what not to do when it comes to industrial design.

    Especially the green sorry 'Aqua Blue' version.

    Bought Rabbids 3D. It's an OK 2D (quasi 3D) platformer - doesn't really benefit in any shape or form on the 3D handheld. But it plays well enough I suppose (till something better comes out and warrants me trading it in).

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  • jettredmont
    Oct 26, 04:46 PM
    Wow, I expected PPC support to drop in a few years, not a few months. Sucks for anyone with the Quad G5s. Sucks for me with my dual G5. :(

    I hope this won't be a common trend.

    Well, I think what happened here is that Adobe was developing this application for Windows only. Then, they saw Intel Macs and said, hey, for a little extra dev work, we can support Macs too!

    The likely problem here is that their underlying sound processing libraries (probably still left over from Cool Edit et al) are heavily reliant on Intel technologies.

    I seriously doubt they started from scratch and decided that they'd do it Intel only just to tick us all off. It's seriously significantly easier to just use Apple's Intel/PPC libraries OR isolate your bottleneck code and #ifdef away the two hand-tweaked assembly bits, than to even support older versions of Mac OS. I mean, seriously: developing an app which is backwards compatible with Jaguar is SIGNIFICANTLY harder than developing (from scratch) an app which supports Tiger/PPC and Tiger/Intel!

    In any case: will this be an emerging trend? Probably. I can imagine a lot of Windows developers will look at their legacy codebase, the newly-changed calculus of Mac compatibility, and decide that it will be easy to slap a Mac-friendly interface on their Windows/Intel code base where that was just plain impossible before. And, yes, there will also be those who otherwise might have taken the plunge into a true Mac version of their software who look at the same calculus and decide it would save them a whole lot of money and cost them only half of their new market to just slap a Mac-happy interface on their old Windows workhorse instead.

    So, for better or ill, that's what we're likely to see. The good part is that it's an increase in software available for the Mac. The bad part is that it's a decrease in software written ground-up to work perfectly on the Mac.


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  • damet
    Apr 20, 02:45 PM
    Try updating windows 7 through windows update. Make sure you have the lastest updates for Windows 7. I had this problem too, but after I updated everything, it worked like a charm. No shutdown issues.

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  • newfoundglory
    Feb 18, 06:05 PM
    Steve does look skinny, yes, but more skinny when compared to his most recent keynotes? Probably not, but quite hard to tell really.

    I was watching the 2006 WWDC keynote the other day and thats scary - steve looks completely different and a lot younger. He has lost a lot of weight over the last few years.


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  • Matthew Yohe
    Nov 11, 02:26 AM

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  • BigBeast
    Apr 26, 07:58 PM
    Probably because you can actually buy devices with USB 3.0, and at a reasonable price.

    I think Thunderbolt is a great idea, and it would be super on the MacBook Air (personally I'd love to see a Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adapter), which is why I named it in the above list, but USB 3.0 is much more widespread and so the peripherals are cheaper.

    Compare it to FireWire 800 devices: It would have been great to have an external drive with that connection but I never bought one because in the end it was too much of a price difference. It's a lot easier to put up with USB 2 speeds if it costs 40% less than FW800.

    I hope Apple and intel will push Thunderbolt agressively and won't let it become a niche port like the way FW800 ended up. So yes, I do think there is a high risk of it becoming the next firewire.

    Personally I'd prefer both but I don't see it happening in the next MBA, not until intel integrates it in their chipset.

    USB 3 is more widespread than Thunderbolt (since nothing is yet on the market for TB) but saying "much more" is a bit of a misnomer. USB 2.0 is WIDESPREAD. USB 3.0 has actually shown a very slow uptake by computer and peripheral manufacturers.

    You can't compare FW 800 to TB. Here's why: FW 800 while a better IO, was only slightly better than USB 2. Therefore, with the added cost of FW 800 and the minimal increase in performance over USB 2, FW wasn't going to flourish.

    However, comparing USB 3 to TB is like comparing VHS to Blu-ray. TB is REMARKABLY faster than USB 3. Couple that with the fact that TB allows for simutaneous transfer in BOTH DIRECTIONS at consistently close to theoretical speeds of 10 Gb/s. USB however as always, fluctuates in speed and almost NEVER reaches close to theoretical speeds and is only one way transfer. TB can daisy chain up to FOUR 1080p HD streams simultaneously (if I recall correctly) while I don't think USB 3 can do even 1.

    Add this to the fact that Intel WANTS this tech to reach mass adoption and will make the tech available at cheap prices, it's a no brainer that TB WILL be adopted. Even IF TB ended up being a $20 or so royalty like FW, it so easily outclasses USB 3 that I would readily pay for it.

    So like I said in my first post, why have USB 3 on a list before TB? Why have USB 3 at all? TB is where it's at.


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  • shelterpaw
    Sep 1, 12:24 PM
    Spending $400 on Vista Ultimate Edition makes up the difference. :) Although the operative phrase here is "most current OS running on their box"--the most current Windows is six years old, so if people want to complain that it costs more money to keep up with modern OS updates than it does to have no major OS updates at all for over half a decade, that's not exactly something I consider a negative. I've been using Vista pre-RC1 for a few days and besides some graphics updates it feels just like XP. The gadgets are not quite as nice as os x. Beyond that, Areo is super slow when you have several applications open and to run it you need 1 GB of ram or that's what they recommend. Vista is a resource hog. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice update, but it has a long way to go.

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  • severe
    Jul 7, 02:49 AM
    Are you living in 2005 or so? Recent SD cards already max out at 64GB. That is already ~100 CDs worth of data.

    Honestly. What's that guy talking about?


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  • IntelliUser
    May 3, 11:32 AM
    As an American so you have no idea what conservative or liberal really means. Those words have been distorted by your politics over the last half century. Conservative is supposed to mean "balance the budget and pay down the debt" through prudent spending cuts without raising of taxes.

    What your so-called conservatives have done is cut taxes for the rich only, increased spending in the military industrial complex and refused to pass healthcare reform that could potentially save billions of dollars per year. The US spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country but it has the worst healthcare per capita than any other country in the world. Even Cuba has better healthcare.

    Being a conservative is not about having no social programs but rather it is about being fiscally responsible with tax payers money and spending on social programs that serve the majority of citizens and help promote a strong and healthy workforce. The workforce is the engine of the economy.

    Tax cuts are not a bad thing but they should only be done when the government is certain that the budget will be balanced or when they are needed for economic stimulus and they should be across the board or to people on the bottom end.

    What's liberalism then?

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  • lincolntran
    Jun 29, 02:55 PM
    And this is just the front�
    :eek: :o

    The seldom used optical drive is on the back. All the useful stuff is on the front. :D


    You are totally correct!
    ;) :cool:


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  • gammamonk
    Nov 11, 10:01 PM
    The above three posts are my best effort translating. That PC guy talks insanely fast. ;)

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  • SPUY767
    Nov 21, 09:47 PM
    In the business world, you need to be able to make a good impression. If you have a flashy website and nothing behind it, you're going nowhere. If you have good substance but poor presentation of it, you can still succeed, but it can be a lot harder than if you've got it presented well.

    Sitting down for an hour with GoLive would provide them with a much better front door to the world. Starting a tech company is hard, but it's easier if you excel in all areas of your business. And yes, publicity is one of those areas.

    It's not that they didn't take the time, it's just that your website has to look like that if you're going to comply with Every W3C and CSS regulation. :D


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  • puppyflightclub
    Feb 18, 10:16 AM
    so is steve sick or not?

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  • GregR
    Apr 19, 11:12 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Also the guy is pointing to the camera/LED flash in the second video. And the camera looks different, maybe a little smaller? And there is a little screen around the two, which catches the light at one point.

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  • jctevere
    Apr 19, 10:11 AM
    I don't think this is real. If this was a "prototype" why would it have XX GB on the back. None of the OEM iPhone 4's have any storage indication markings on the outside. So why would the XX be on the case?

    If you ask me, its customized with aftermarket white glass (that you can buy from china, in white, pink, blue, black, green, etc).

    In fact, after looking closer at the video. The back of the case appears to be a shiny or clear-coat plastic, and not glass. Furthermore, there appears to be a separation or gap along the bottom edge of the phone on the back of the device. Supporting that it is a poor seal from an aftermarket replacement of a black iphone 4's glass with a replica white piece. Such a gap would NOT exist if this was released by apple or exist in a prototype.

    Mar 28, 02:59 PM
    This is going to be great, absolutely, but forget to pay only a $99 premium for this feature. TVs with Internet access and AirPlay capabilities are going to be overpriced for a couple years. Then the technology will either have failed and retired from TVs or it will be in every or so TV. Now I just wish I could have a cheap audio AirPlay receiver to connect my speakers to ($40 anyone?)

    May 6, 08:59 PM
    Except of course, the Unix backend that powers OS X also powers ATM machines, practically every cellphone, a lot of cars, and many other servers/embedded devices as well.

    No, it doesn't. The Unix backend that powers OS X is pretty much Apple built by now (Darwin/XNU don't at all ressemble their ancestors) and I don't think Apple is a SysV licensee, so they don't share any code from most commercial Unix systems.

    The only thing they share with those other Unix systems is having passed the certification suite from The Open Group.

    However I do agree with you that the other guy doesn't really have a clue. Windows is about as flexible as a concrete slab and as versatile as a blade of grass in the networking arena. The only reason it's so widespread in the server arena is because you need to multiply the number of installations just to get a working LDAP directory that resists logon requests from 5 client boxes. Meanwhile, any commercial Unix worth its salt can serve up many times more requests from a single box, while consolidating other services as well.

    ATMs might run Windows, but the backend they connect to is a Unix system (and actually, my bank here still uses some version of OS/2 Warp for their ATMs, something I found out after finding a DoS bug in the card reader that crashed their software and forced a reboot).

    Mar 28, 08:23 AM
    This confirms that iOS 5 will be previewed in June and not in April like past years...

    It really doesn't. WWDC costs over $1000 to attend and devs need to book hotel reservations etc. It's a very big deal for them so they are given enough time to get ready.

    Jun 12, 12:17 PM
    I really hope T-Mobile isn't chosen...I had them for a year and a half and what horrible customer service. Not to mention that their coverage in Palm Springs, CA is horrible. Apple should go with Verizon, I did go with AT&T myself, but Verizon is rated highest of all the carriers for customer satisfaction and coverage.

    I've been with T-mobile since the 1st sidekick and am still with them because of their customer service. They have the best CS IMO

    Feb 25, 03:47 AM
    In-app purchase can be disabled using parental control. This is stupid. I expect my tax to be used by my government to tackle bigger problems, oh maybe like jobs and the economy, not to appease some idiot "parents."

    I was about to comment on the same thing, holy enchilada :rolleyes: so now parents can't figure out how to lock their kids out :eek: and have to get the government to do it for them, are people just getting dumber :p as time goes, people you should not contribute to the gene pool it could hurt our long term survival as a species.

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