Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • Tags: gq magazine, lady gaga

  • karohan
    Feb 26, 01:32 PM
    Lookin' good Stevie Jobs. At least far better than other reports make him seem to be.

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  • jabingla2810
    Dec 17, 09:01 AM
    I think there are a lot of people over thinking this.

    Its just a bit of fun.

    Some kid just probably thought it would be a laugh to make a facebook group and see what happens.... and its blown up.

    And I think its great, and shows the power of Joe Public and the internet.... but thats just my point of view.

    Plus the group has rasied loads of money for charity which is good.

    People who look at this as anything more than a bit of fun are morons.

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  • ThaDoggg
    Mar 28, 09:49 AM
    Looking forward to this event. Will be great to stream some of these conferences after they happen.

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  • The (in)famous Lady Gaga.

  • mrsir2009
    Apr 24, 04:07 AM
    I know there's no real estate for it, but I wouldn't complain it if had a dedicated Ethernet port.

    Get a 13" MBP.


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  • boch82
    Apr 27, 12:50 PM
    Mpeg stream clip was exactly what i was looking for.

    What are your recommendations for exorting?

    I will be editing in Final Cut. I just want high quality video as the main importance but keeping the file sizes to a minimum.


    Final Cut Pro - ProRes LT highest quality settings unscaled size option
    Final Cut Express - Apple Intermediate Codec highest quality settings unscaled size option

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  • fourthtunz
    Feb 15, 10:34 AM
    I'm waiting for the Mark of the Beast = RFID comments to begin.

    Serious, there are several segments of the population out there that have objections to this type of technology. I don't know if Apple cares though.

    I guess we can already be tracked with the phones we already own?
    Rfid would give more info though.
    Our populace is largely ignorant of our own governments history and thus oblivious to the freedoms that would be given up freely by this being included in our phones.
    Our government is trying to get rfid included in our licenses and has been met with stiff resistance. Now the sheeple will fall for the "convenience" of rfid in the phone.


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  • maroontiger2k9
    Mar 23, 04:20 PM
    Thats a tough one...while a non-apple device will sell better with an airplay compatible badge, its hard to argue that the opposite will drive more sales of iPads. Sorry folks, pay the Apple.

    this is a brilliant idea... but honestly, i would let competitors struggle for another 8 years before i let AIRPLAY on other devices...

    b/c this could potentially generate interest in competitors... or it could allow apple to pull profits from competitors who will ultimately FAIL to generate enough interest

    think about it... other competitors would probably get their devices integrated with itunes so that they can HOME SHARE AIRPLAY to their phones/tablets/etc..

    apple will make a profit for just providing access to airplay.... the problem is if if the competitor becomes more popular or as popular as apple... would the competitor throw apple a bone?! i dont think so

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  • TehReaper
    Mar 11, 08:11 AM
    Still the only ones in north park! I should of gotten more sleep lol woke up at 5:40 am >.<!


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  • OllyW
    Feb 19, 06:11 AM
    I think it is very telling for Microsoft that they weren't represented there. You had Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, Twitter
    Oracle, NetFlix, Apple, Genentech, Google, The Westly Group, and Facebook.

    What, do you think Microsoft has been snubbed?

    The meeting was between the President and the heads of Silicon Valley tech companies.

    All of the companies represented at the meeting are based in California.

    Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington.

    So Microsoft weren't invited ( ;)

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 19, 10:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Anything beats the embarrassment that Apple has in the current iOS.

    LOL! Do you realize how silly you sound with these comments?


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  • OllyW
    Mar 17, 06:47 AM
    �1.30 per Litre, �5.91 per UK Gallon, $7.95 per US Gallon.

    It's a good job I enjoy cycling. :)

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  • flosseR
    Mar 29, 10:00 AM
    Thatisme, please read this, and read it CAREFULLY...…

    These are the complete comments to all your relevant posts:

    "To the previous post about focal lengths, the difference in perceived focal length comes into account when you factor in the 1.6 cropped sensor. Since the sensor is physically smaller than a Full Frame or 1.3 crop sensor, it is essentially taking the image from the center portion of the lens.

    So, you WILL get different focal lengths from 2 identically marked lenses where one is an EF-S lens and the other is an EF lens."

    --INCORRECT on the same body you will get the EXACT same image

    "Nikon also created a FULL FRame camera a while back that also had the ability to create a "cropped" image to increase it's rate of capture to achieve results in FPS that were similar to canon's 1D series bodies. Effectively if it captured less pixels per image, it could do so faster."

    -- ALL Nikon Cameras can use ALL Nikon made lenses. And no, that wasn't the main reason to do that.

    "YOU WILL GET DIFFERENT IMAGES IF YOU USE A 200mm EF Lens on a 7D (APS-C) and a 200mm EF-S lens on that same camera due to the FOVCF. on the EF lens, the 200mm assumes you are using the ENTIRE image circle of the lens, which you are not. You ARE using the ENTIRE image circle on the EF-S lens, which is a True 200mm for that camera. You have to use the ENTIRE image circle to get a true measure of the focal length. when you use only a portion of that image circle, you have to apply the FOVCF to get the EFFECTIVE focal length."

    -- This is pulled out of you mind because it does not make sense at ALL and is so incorrect it's not even funny.. the lens is NOT adjusted to the focal length.. the length is the same.. the EFFECTIVE focal length (or Field of VIEW) comes from the sensor.. NOT the lens!!!

    "ok. this is getting comical.

    From your post, blasting me....

    A canon 55-200 EF-s and a 70-200L lens at 200mm on a canon 7D will produce the exact same image...the same as if you would mount both lenses on a full frame body and crop the image by 1.6"

    -- NO YOU WONT!!! what are you? a troll that needs feeding??

    I compared BOTH lenses mounted on a 7d to BOTH lenses mounted on a 5d… if you crop the BOTH images from a 5d you have the same as BOTH from a 7d..
    If you take BOTH shots from a 7d .. they are the SAME.. and they are the same if you shoot them both on a 5d..





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  • devman
    Apr 2, 07:13 PM
    I hate the fact Pages always defaults to US English spelling. There seems to be no permanent way to switch to UK English! Arrrgh. No offence to Americans, but there are other people in the world.

    Go to system preferences. Open International. Drag British English to be first in the list of languages. If it's not in the list, click the Edit button to add it.

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  • flurffmeister
    Apr 6, 11:07 AM
    Though it's not very clear, it looks like the capacity is listed as 12(X) GB. From what I've seen in any mass storage device, 8-10% of the storage space is missing for whatever reason (my 32GB iPhone has 29.1GB.) Even if it says 120GB, that's only 6.25% gone.


    The settings also show a 128GB capacity.

    If this were a genuine 128GB unit, the settings would show something like 118GB capacity.

    128 GB (storage size speak = 128 billion bytes) = 119.2GB (binary speak)

    Subtract about 900 megs to a gig for the OS (judging by the stated capacity on an iPod touch 4 at iOS 4.3.1), and you have somewhere around 118-118.3GB.


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  • MacModMachine
    Nov 18, 07:31 AM
    Stolen goods or not, nevermind that - but $300 per kit? :eek:

    Why not just buy a white case?

    lol yup,

    white case is what?...$10-$20 ?

    and you can replace it in a second.

    anything over 40$ is a joke for a few pieces of plastic.

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  • 840quadra
    Sep 25, 11:16 PM
    I am actually afraid of this for Apple!

    This is just going to give bad press, and get people to start to compare Apple to the RIAA with regards to lawsuits.

    I understand Apple wanting to protect it's name, however they promoted podcasting , and do within many of their products, so trademarking it is just going to crush the little guys that recently started to support and like Apple.

    I think this is a bad move, and worries me!


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  • Clive At Five
    Dec 2, 10:00 AM
    I'll take my own definition over Apple's or yours. Seriously, the phone is damn good looking, but you'll take Apple's opinion over your on?

    Lol, touch�. Burn those fanboys!

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  • 63dot
    Apr 5, 12:56 PM
    This is so on the money.

    I was just having lunch while watching a film on my iPad. Next table over a table of business people are showing off one of their new iPads. People respond so positively to the experience on so many levels it really has something for nearly everyone.

    The important thing that apple got was that making great computers for 2% of the population, or smaller, was one thing. Making a great piece of hardware for 95% of the world something else entirely and much more lucrative.

    With 80.2% percent of revenue based on stuff other than Macs for Apple, this makes sense.

    If I were a PC user finally comfortable with a new PC and (pretty good) Windows 7, I wouldn't really need a Mac. What can a Mac add for me?

    But the iPad is so portable and incredibly powerful for its size and price it's hard to say no to it. Apple has already shown a whole world of PC users how indispensable iPods and iPhones are, so we came out with iPad for Mac users and non-Mac users and from the numbers we are making a killing.

    I don't know if both Steves had this type of vision that far back unless they were hard core Star Trek fans or something with a long range vision of making really cool devices. I thought they were all about the personal computer in the beginning, and of course their own operating system.

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  • shawnce
    Nov 21, 07:01 PM
    If the chip operates at a relatively high temperature a differential shouldn't be hard to reach. For example, with the cell operating at 600 degrees ... "600 degrees" :eek: ...degrees what?

    Jan 6, 04:51 PM
    Apart from the streaming fail, Garmin are way too late to the party. Even when everyone was criticising TomTom, I went and bought it and it (for me) is the ultimate GPS navigator. Free map and service updates, no streaming involved, full multitasking support, been flawless in its navigation, accurate in its info (time of arrival is almost always spot on) and there's traffic when I want it for longer journeys, albeit not free.

    The mapping display also doesn't look like a Scooby Doo 'toon unlike the Garmin app, judging from these screenshots...

    Jan 4, 02:17 PM
    I would hope that the unit would at least cache the download map tiles.

    I wonder how well it will work on an iPad?

    Jun 20, 07:11 AM
    The standard file system of SDXC cards is exFat ( -- so does this mean the Mini now supports exFat?
    exFAT supports needs an Mac OS X update. Once Mac OS X is updated, older Macs will support SDXC cards, too. The older Macs won't support the higher speed, though.

    SDXC actually contains two new features:

    exFAT → requires new software (file system driver)
    faster bus speed → requires new hardware (card reader)

    SDHC has no built-in limit at 32 GB. It's an arbitrary limit imposed by the choice of FAT32 as the file system (which is arbitrarily limited to 32 GB by Microsoft).

    Dec 7, 05:21 PM
    Thoughts and prayers with the family and friends

    Sep 17, 04:28 PM
    I think the biggest problem here is that she's AT WORK. A friend of mine who's a professional waiter/bartender used to have a problem with a female patron who would basically come into his bar every night and stalk him. He HAD to serve her; that was his job. But she made it very difficult for him by hitting on him, grabbing his butt, stuff like that.

    I'm not saying you've done anything like that, but the point is that when someone is at work, they're supposed to be working. They have to show just the proper amount of friendliness required for them to do their job effectively, without it becoming a social / "hey, what are you doing later on?" type situation.

    My advice to you: Let this one go.

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