Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • PhoneI
    Mar 28, 08:45 AM
    iOS 5.0: totally new look, no more icon based

    absolutely no shot of that happening

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  • macman312
    Apr 5, 05:50 PM
    Apple should've held out on the refresh to include USB 3 and even HDMI. Thunderbolt and the is currently useless.

    agreed the apple store person was like you can transfer a 5GB movie in 10 seconds but I was like transfer to what? But there is a new LaCie hard drive coming in the summer :D but it would be great to have that sort of connectivity in the new iphone. It is also annoying that there is no 3.0?.....

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  • bill4588
    Oct 9, 04:34 PM
    i dont know why walmart and target are making a fuss about the online movie store. they're like "it's going to cut into our sales!! waaaahhhhhh!!" they need to shut up. it's like they don't understand competitive advantage.

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  • Polo5
    Oct 6, 10:00 AM
    Really? that would be interesting


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  • dcv
    Oct 17, 04:59 PM
    Are you all crazy? It's heaving in there at the best of times!

    (that's a "maybe" :D)

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  • ctucci
    Nov 5, 07:24 PM
    If it's a reader, I can see this working in concert with the new Easy Pay apple point of sale.

    I could walk through a store, hit "read" and conduct inventory instantly.



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  • krnboy503
    Apr 12, 04:46 PM
    I think the survey people were drunk and were confused lol

    Clearly, AT&T 3G models are selling like hot cakes while Verizon models are in stock wherever i go lol

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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 16, 11:50 PM
    The "far east country" (or at least one of them, more earlier) is Australia. The "convention" field listing country TT (Trinidad and Tobago) application 37090 confirms that the Ocean Telecom Services LLC is in all likelihood an Apple shell corporation.

    Compare with the US TARR record (

    (below is a screen dump from the Australian IP mainframe)

    17/10/2006 Trade Mark System Page 1 14:45:34
    Application Abstract TMAP01MF
    Applic. No : 1136412 Acceptance due : 11/01/2008
    Filed on : 19/09/2006 First report : 11/10/2006
    Convention : 27/03/2006 TT 37090 Examiner : BESWICK
    Divisional :

    Status : Under Examination - Extension Fees Not Required
    Owner Name : Apple Computer, Inc.
    Mark : (Words) IPHONE ; iPhone

    (Type YS )
    Classes : _ 28 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    (PF9 - display ALL Goods and Services, or select required classes with X or S)

    Corrections made
    * No Endorsements * Option __ HELP <PF1>

    TMAPE01H V7.29 ( 1.1 ) XGUEST COMMAND ____________________

    Class 28 is for games, including toy phones :D


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  • spicyapple
    Aug 14, 10:55 AM
    He was really good in Galaxy Quest. That's why when I saw him in the Apple ad, he looked strangely familiar. :)

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  • speakerwizard
    Jan 6, 03:21 PM
    someone explain this to me.....wouldn't activating push notifications absolutely KILL my iPhone 3GS battery life?? I've never been able to figure out if push notifications are bad to turn on cause they drain battery life?


    they do a little but not to the extent of background processes, and having 20 push apps takes no more battery life than having 1, unless you get very frequent pushes from them of course.


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  • michaelcyee
    Apr 19, 02:51 PM
    I don't think anyone doubts the machine can do the expose effect (the iPad 1 does it in Safari just fine).

    There are plenty of reasons it might have been turned down for their final switcher implementation. One, the final iOS allows a variable number of programs to remain open depending on their memory requirements. The expose implementation implies that 9 can be open. That's inconsistent UI. Two, as others have mentioned, you can't always tell the difference between apps at a glance from little screenshots. So they went with icons in the end.

    I have mutilfl0w, one of the problems is that it doesn't show some apps that are running in the background, such as Mail or FaceTime, that I can see in the regular multitasking pane. That may be because it never got a picture of the app as it was open. In fact, FaceTime is an app that keeps coming back no matter how many times I've killed it, even though I have it disabled on the Settings menu. I have no idea why Apple insists that FT keeps itself open.

    Rarely have I had problems with showing more than nine open apps; I'd run out of memory before I got to that stage.

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  • jb510
    Mar 26, 05:23 PM
    #1 there is no front page news here... Sesiously people? It's two guys having coffee and one overheard line someone claims of heard without any real substance or context.

    ...but to add to the humor aspect going on here... I think Jobs wears the same thing every day to express solidarity with all the Apple users that have to settle for fewer choices and options than PC users.

    You want blu-ray? Look I want a shirt I don't pull over my head every morning, but I get by..
    You want a replaceable battery in your iPhone? Look I want a different pair of shoes but I get by...
    You want USB ports on the iPad? Look I want to wear shorts some time, but I get by...


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  • Westacular
    Mar 23, 05:31 PM
    5 years ago Apple was pushing open standards with no licensing require (ie, zeroconf) and no one would buy in. Now they offer a standard with a fraction of the capability and charge for it and everyone wants it.

    There's a world of difference between extending basic Internet protocols and making a method for streaming videos to set-top devices that actually just works.

    The former *has* to be open and license-free to gain any level of traction or standardization, and Apple has done a good job with it -- the drafts for mDNS and DNS-SD (which combine to make Bonjour) are both still active and standards-tracked at IETF. Expect them to become full RFC internet standards before long.

    The latter generally means selling a chip (or licensing its design) to other manufacturers. There's both the expectation that this is how things are done, and likely a legal need to charge for it to cover patent licensing fees.

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  • cybrscot
    Apr 6, 02:56 AM
    Insightful from the Woz!


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  • Love
    Apr 21, 07:03 PM
    1.419$/Litre or 5.51$/US Gallon.

    The only place in North America where gas is ridiculously HIGH....QUEBEC. Taxes represent 30-35% of the cost of gas. *sigh* But at least our roads are smooth... Oh no wait, they are not.


    The rest of Canada isn't all that far behind Quebec (which, to anybody looking, is NOT pronounced qwah-bec), but that still is bloody high. I bet out in NL it's pushing $1.50/litre.

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  • mactastic
    May 22, 09:52 AM
    Hey, who cares? Enjoy your pc, if it works for you thats great. I'll be interested to see how you feel about the "almost computer" after the 970 release... or the dual 970's...


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  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 10:07 AM
    Ohh SNAP! Diss on engineers. I feel a bit picked on:(

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  • RITZFit
    Mar 11, 03:14 PM
    This reminds me of a history project I had back in high school. We were to tally up all of our household (then parents house) goods made in china. The idea was to give us perspective of were our money was going. Obviously I found a lot of what I was looking for but I was more surprised of how little of our possessions were made in America. Even now, much of my possession are foreign made...mostly japanese and chinese :rolleyes:

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  • anetoiu
    Dec 4, 05:43 PM
    most of the people who don't stop eating for like 3 months to buy an iPhone 4, will probably afford and buy that kit but the other ones like me won't do that

    I don't even have an iPhone 4 !

    Besides those things, I'm glad for that kid making so much money with such a brilliant idea.

    Mar 24, 05:06 PM
    I just got off the phone with sale rep, and all they have is 32gb and 64gb left. When asked about the price, she said $500 for 32gb (??). I mentioned the article and she still said $500. Weird? Is there an official link to this somewhere on the verizon site, as all I can see is it bundled with mifi @ 429.99 (16gb).

    $299 is definitely a steal!

    Mar 11, 03:15 PM
    No offense, but that is one ugly car and far too conservative for me. If I was married off and had kids, sure. ;)

    Um, you're not a breeder, right? If you are, then I seriously had the wrong impression of you. :D

    I thought the same thing about the sebring, and wasn't very happy about the car at first, but absolutely fell in love with it. That was when I was single and before I had a kid. Anyway, I haven't seen a 200 in person yet, but the car it is replacing was butt-ugly.

    Nov 5, 06:16 AM
    Great news to hear! And hopefully most people considering switching,won't read c/net reviews :D Their review on the new C2D Pro is a good laugh..a major con being that it doesn't have a media card reader,lol...

    Sep 1, 01:31 PM
    When the hell is Apple going to seed leopard to us select developers? Also an update of the WWDC videos would be nice. It sucks when you get hospitalized and can't recover in TIME to go to WWDC.

    The least Apple could do is treat developers who are excited and PAY for select accounts (myself included) with a little respect and post some of the leopard stuff. geeze.

    If you are an Apple developer unable to leave your country or travel to the united states and physically attend the conference in San Francisco you are pretty much screwed.

    It annoys me that I pay for this treatment, yet Microsoft is more than happy to release all kinds of pre beta stuff to me just for signing up as a developer.

    Apple TAKE CARE of your paying developers. Geeze.

    Sep 20, 01:23 AM
    (accidental bad post, read below)

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