Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • ZipZap
    Apr 25, 04:09 AM
    Lower price.

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  • The fringe is cut horizontal

  • sand0s
    Jun 10, 04:51 PM
    it is strange that they added a fourth band (VIII - 900 frequency) which is for more of europe, asia and also vodaNZ but doesn't open up anything in the US... even stranger is that i was just in NZ and my 3G[S] (which doesn't support VIII / 900 apparently) was on the vodaNZ 3G network the whole time. anyone with knowledge of this whole UMTS / HSDPA band and frequency thing, please tell me how this worked then?

    answer this myself... apparently they use I / 2100 as well.

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  • WiiDSmoker
    Mar 25, 08:36 AM
    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

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  • pknz
    Nov 11, 02:26 AM
    Oh thats hilarious. And look so similar


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  • Eddyisgreat
    Nov 17, 03:43 PM
    lol after lawyer fee's he's going to be -.25.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 27, 09:58 AM
    Several people I know there *didn't* get the student discount. Its my understanding now that Apple don't offer the educational discount in stores on software but only on hardware and that they don't offer the HE discount at all in stores.

    Lyra, you're right about the apparel store, if they'd done that I'd have spent some more moneys for sure!! There were several hot girls that asked what we were doing too, a pair of very nice girls came and chatted to us for a while and then convinced the door staff to let them buy an iPod Touch at the front door. They didn't judge us too much for being there. Quite a few people came up and asked us what we were queueing for and upon hearing what it was about, pulled a disgusted face and walked off. :(


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  • CFreymarc
    Jun 30, 10:28 PM
    If T-mobile gets the iPhone maybe they will have better data plans than AT&T

    All this "next iPhone carrier" stuff is up there with Elvis sightings now. Unless I see a verified quote from execs, it is just one more guy in a rhinestone jumpsuit in the frozen food aisle at WalMart.

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  • PBF
    Mar 28, 09:52 AM
    Well, it says a preview of iOS and Mac OS X. We've already seen a preview of OS X, so it's not unreasonable to think we will also see a preview of iOS before this.

    Gotta love your logic.


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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 26, 03:54 PM
    Insurance rates based on mileage driven are also gaining traction.

    This question is always asked on Canadian vehicle insurance applications, but everyone lies.

    Same thing with the "do you use your vehicle to drive to and from work"?

    Lies, all lies. ;)

    But, I do favour users fees.

    If gas taxes don't cover that in the age of the electric car, then we have GPS in cars to record, and report when prompted, mileage driven.

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  • DCstewieG
    Jun 18, 01:38 PM
    How beautiful would that be for Time Machine, particularly in a laptop?


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  • Patrick946
    Mar 9, 10:13 AM
    Flickr is the best for pics hosting

    I think I'm going to go with Flickr, since Smugmug is too expensive for my needs. Thanks!

    EDIT: actually, I just checked, and Flickr will only let me upload 300MB a month, and will only let me see the most recent 200 pictures on a free account. That's basically worthless too. Maybe I'll just buy another external hard drive instead.

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  • baryon
    Apr 5, 12:02 PM
    I agree with the iPad being the computer for normal people. Many people I know have no idea how to copy and paste files on a computer, how to install a program, or how to do more complex things that for me seem completely simple. Most people don't even want to bother with putting their files into folders and renaming them. I think that "normal" people (the average person) is not comfortable with all the features of a real computer. It's like putting someone who normally drives a car into an airplane cockpit.

    Anyway, the iPad at the moment could not be my only computer, but even I would enjoy having it as a secondary device to carry around to lectures and other places. I won't carry my MacBook Pro with me unless it's absolutely necessary, as it's heavy, requires sitting down and only works for a couple of hours. An iPad on the other hand, can be used while standing, it can be given to someone else easily, anyone can use it instantly. I can't just hand my MBP over to someone like that.

    I think the iPad is filling a gap in computing that no one has really thought of before: computing that doesn't take place at a desk, and that is easy and fast, and as Apple says "gets out of the way".

    Maybe one day the iPad will be able to do everything a proper computer can (open most file types, allow communication between applications such as drag and drop from one app to the other, etc...) and then it will actually appeal to everyone.


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  • robanga
    Mar 25, 09:24 AM
    If there are any questions from children on what careers they should gravitate toward,

    Intellectual property attorney should be high on the list. Its replaced sales as a way for company's to gain revenue. Just take the results of other company's sales. No matter that they out executed you on whatever idea you claim.

    They all do it now.

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  • treyjustice
    Apr 21, 02:02 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.

    I think iPhone 5 will be iPhone 4G assuming it has LTE


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  • mdelvecchio
    Mar 23, 04:17 PM
    Meh. Integrated stuff always fails first. See VHS/TV and DVD/TV combo units, or the lack of updates (and eventual phase-out) for TVs with built-in cable or sat tuners. I'll take it separately, thanks.

    so you have a stand-alone tuner, then, i take it? same thing.

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  • wildcardd
    Jun 14, 02:35 PM
    Quieter...I like the sound of that ;)


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  • Rend It
    Nov 21, 06:24 PM
    ... sooo, a thermocouple ( on a chip? Thermocouples have horrendous efficiency. I don't see how a such a chip in an enclosed environment (like a laptop motherboard) can achieve enough of a thermal gradient to produce enough current to be useful.

    I dunno, i'm skeptical.

    Skeptical you should be, but these aren't really thermocouples. The same physical principle applies, but thermocouples are really only for temperature measurement. These are thermoelectric coolers. See here (

    If you want to power the temperature change yourself, you need a high current. But if you want to generate electricity from them, then just connect them into a circuit with out any powersupply i.e. stick a fan's power terminals on that, stick one side of the TEC on a hot chip or cup of tea etc. to setup the delta T. (temp difference) then the fan will start spinning!

    Dan :-)

    While what you're saying is true in principle, I seriously doubt the practicality of what you're suggesting. TECs are moderately efficient at converting electricity into a temperature differential (or being used as a heat pump), but their efficiency in the other mode of operation (Seebeck effect) is very, very low (typ. < 5%). If you take a chip-sized (~ 1 cm^2) TEC, connect it between a hot processor core at 100 C and ambient temperature at 25 C, you will not have enough power to turn a computer fan at any modest speed. Furthermore, even if you could harvest that electricity and store it, the added energy would be less than 0.1% of a typical laptop battery. :rolleyes:

    If you wanted to use a larger TEC module (say 16 cm^2) on top of the 80 C CPU case, then the added energy would be less than 1%.

    Estimates based on info here (

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  • chrfr
    Mar 28, 02:10 PM
    So, you WILL get different focal lengths from 2 identically marked lenses where one is an EF-S lens and the other is an EF lens.
    No you will not.
    Edit: to clarify, if you take an EF 17-40mm and put it on a 60D, you will get the exact same field of view as an EF-S 17-55mm if both are set to 17mm.

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  • Kebabselector
    Mar 21, 04:30 AM
    Chances are the papers would send a staff tog along to take pictures if they are interested. Though no harm in contacting the picture editor if you want to offer your services.

    Full of Win
    Apr 1, 09:18 AM
    The channels that do not participate are just inching that much more toward obscurity.

    Just recently we cancelled the cable subscription (still have KylinTV IPTV) for lack of use. Only one TV show was watched per week, and that can be purchased on iTunes in a superior format to what we got via cable, for a fraction of the cost of cable.

    If my provider had an app like this, we would have stayed subscribed. Its arcane to sit down in front of a screen at a predetermined time to watch programming, it really is.

    Oct 26, 11:35 PM
    btw: the "sneak preview" Apple offered clearly showed a "JUNK" folder - where did that go?

    Jul 6, 05:28 PM
    I would LOVE this. I have been with T-Mobile for over five years, and they are a great company. Unfortunately I cannot get out of my new contract until Nov. so having the iPhone on T-Mobile would be awesome, hoping that they can prepare with all the data that will come with it.

    Oct 9, 03:08 PM
    Ah shut up you bastards...

    walmart, target, YOU SUCK!!!

    Apr 27, 04:17 AM
    Thanks for your suggestion, Will.

    However, some strange things are going on over here. As I mentioned, I have installed OSX on an external HD (connected via FW800), but my internal HD doesn't even show up in Disc Utility. I assume that my internal HD has gone to heaven.

    The new setup (using the external HD) works quite well, but this is of course only a temporary solution.

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