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blank white t shirt template. For my white shirt I decided
  • For my white shirt I decided

  • efoto
    Sep 17, 10:22 AM
    Wow, I am the brink of being completely floored by all the responses, some of which are heartfelt, the others make my sides hurt :D

    I had intended, at the time of authoring, that this be a legitimate question....I really could use some advice :o , but the slew of pseudo-humorous to outrageously inappropriate (in the best way possible) has been great, thank you all for those too.

    I realize asking straight up is probably the best way to do it, however that can be harder than it seems for some people. I am quite extroverted and do well with people in most situations, however if I set my sights on a girl that I like I get a little cotton-mouthed and never have the right words. Thinking this, I never approach and being said words because I am convinced they are wrong.

    What follows is very long, overly rich, and poorly written. Proceed with caution.

    Alright, so with some ambiguity (to protect myself, I pray she is not a MR member :p), here is what has happened, leading up to the question for advice:
    Go to Apple Store, browse around and tell all the male workers I am just looking and do not require or want their assistance. Wait for some time until I see a cute female employee working nearby. She becomes free, I ask her a question regarding an Apple product (go figure), at the time Tiger because I was still running Panther. We start talking, this leads to that, off-topic conversations that we both seem to be enjoying, the whole while I am wondering if it is okay for her to "hangout" talking to me like this. Don't you have other people to help?
    Eventually she wanders off to help someone else. I browse for a while longer, another female approaches and I being exchanging words with her, in regards to OSX in general, which she does not know the answers to. She calls the first girl over, who also does not know. The three of us proceed to stand around a single system, trying to figure out how to do what it is I asked how to do. This whole time, I am quite confident in the solution, however I am quite curious in their suggestion for a solution.
    Alright, anyway. So she leaves after swinging by to say goodbye, because she is about to be done with work. I decide to purchase Tiger, which once I reach the counter they inform me I cannot exercise my student pricing in B&M stores. Dismayed and cheated, I return the product to the shelf and proceed to exit the store, since my product cannot be purchased and the lovely help has all but left for the day.
    Transition 10-15 minutes in advance. I am no longer in the Apple Store, and am meandering around the mall looking for something else. I happen to stop at a store where the storefront is partially in the mall (when looking at the products, I am still on "neutral ground"). She walks by. I notice her, but don't really know what to say so I say nothing. She continues to pass, and then it comes. I hear "hey", turn, and am greeted by none other than the lovely Apple Store employee who left me to finish her shift. She looks even better without the baggy green shirt and lassoed name-tag. I return her 'greeting' and she gives an offering, jokingly, of advice in regards to the store I am standing at. I give a not-so-witty reply (lost my words, again), and after a short exchange she says, "see you later". Now she might have even said "hope to...." before that, but I am not sure so I won't assume it was said.
    Fast forward a week or so. Next time I am in town I go to the Apple Store again. I see the same girl working, further back in the store. I meander in the front for a short while, and then muster the courage to purge deeper into the belly. We make eye-contact for a short instant. Next thing I know, she is taking off towards the back room, never to be seen again (or for as long as my patience lasted). She is back there some time, so I eventually leave, since I was never really looking at anything in the store. Another weekend, similar encounter save for this time I was with a friend of mine. I make eye-contact with her again, briefly, and next thing I know she b-lines it for the back room. I don't see her again as I am not looking for anything, my friend is a moron and doesn't use Macs so he isn't interested, and we leave shortly after entering.

    Alright, now if she has a good memory and likes me at all, she would probably remember that exchange. I have a great memory, hence my recollection of the events. So the gist being, I suck when it comes to talking with girls. I have a lot of girl friends because I am a ''nice guy'', but I have very few dating relationship currently (at 0 sadly), and am looking to increase those. Any advice to how to approach and what is a valid offer of something to do for a first date that isn't overly forward?

    If you survived reading that entire installment, I commend you.
    If you have reached the end without reading the middle, that is quite fine, just give your advice on how to talk to women.

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  • Darwin
    Apr 3, 06:17 AM
    Another question is 'What do people think to it compared to using AppleWorks?'

    Do people feel there is an improvement there?

    In terms of Word proccessing I mean, not all the other things like Spreadsheet, Database etc

    After all that is what Pages (and Keynote) are suppose to be doing, they are replacements

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  • john123
    Mar 27, 01:04 PM
    That's pretty funny. Gates looks like a velociraptor in that first shot.

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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 06:57 PM
    Server Monitor, system image and workgroup manager.


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  • mrspoons
    Mar 14, 08:57 AM
    I'm picking up a g4 mini in the next couple of days that has been completely wiped clean.
    I don't have any sort of monitor at home and was looking at hooking it up to my Panasonic plasma to set it up from scratch using a DVI - HDMI cable.
    Will I actually be able to see anythiing without having an OS already installed or is it going to be a pointless exercise?

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  • 63dot
    Mar 16, 10:23 AM
    Excuse me, I was talking about consumer pickup trucks, not large16+ Ton HD shipping trucks.

    For smaller American trucks, I see them everywhere, whether it's a landscaper/gardener, construction worker/contractor, auto parts vehicle, city vehicles, fire captain, emergency vehicle, plumber, or a whole host of telecomm/techie workers.

    I think there will always be a considerable market for small to medium sized American trucks and maybe the US auto companies should focus mostly on those markets of small to mid-sized trucks (but not larger Isuzu, Mercedes, and Volvo delivery trucks) and also not try and take Honda, Lexus, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Hyundai, Volvo, and Mercedes head on in sedans.

    At least around my parts, I rarely see a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan small or mid-sized truck in the occupations listed above. At the same time, consumer sedans are mostly foreign car companies as well as those super large delivery trucks.


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  • iRobby
    Mar 28, 06:28 PM
    WWDC 2011 is officially SOLD OUT on the apple site!

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  • lorductape
    Nov 21, 05:02 PM
    as cool as it sounds, point being?


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  • mcmav37
    Jan 19, 08:26 PM
    Are you sure it is just PDF's? I think the location downloaded documents (of all types) are saved is a function of the web browser, not the application that opens each document. I know that Safari defaults its downloads to the desktop, so maybe Mozilla does the same. Check the preferences to set where you want downloaded documents to save.

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  • Knox
    Jan 15, 03:33 AM for IRC info :)


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  • ucfgrad93
    Jan 4, 01:57 PM
    No maps on-board: no sale.


    Agreed. I want the maps with me, especially if I'm in a bad cell area.

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  • kes601
    Apr 12, 01:22 PM
    Moving from Outlook is a good think no matter what. The databases used stinks. It chokes at about a million records and sooner or later, it will slow down, become lazy and before you know it... done. Corrupted... just like a US politician. :D

    Oh, I know. i've forced most of our employees to move to Web based as we use Google Apps, but a few select have been allowed to stick with Outlook on the Windows side (or in this case on OS X).


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  • redeye be
    May 31, 03:50 PM
    I have set up another instance of the widget to monitor glencox, he'll be my next conquest, matter of hours. Just one more WU.

    The code behind that arrow is the same as the arrow we saw pointing down after the 1 place drop for the team.

    I'll check it out...
    Still very strange though.

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  • michael.lauden
    Mar 11, 05:42 PM
    For a replacement I am looking into US-made bikes.

    US made bikes? HA. good luck - there are like 3 main manufacturers all over seas that put out most frames (Giant is a big one.) - past that SRAM and Shimano are going to be your group (i think SRAM still has some US plants). Wheels will be easier to find but hubs/rims - not so much.


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  • Maedus
    Sep 18, 09:26 PM
    Give her some of her own medicine. When you notice her noticing you, before she can turn to make it to the backroom, let out an ungodly scream of, "Oh my god, she's in bed with the CIA and has bugged my house in order to know when I will be coming to the Apple Store so that she can be here before me!" and turn and run out of the store, making sure you run into any cardboard displays as well as the security machines that beep when you try to steal stuff. That way she'll know how it feels to be indirectly accused of being a creepy stalker.

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  • willfurnell
    Apr 26, 10:13 AM
    Try a SMART status check on your drive, it may be failing. Best to check now, and backup in case you loose you data.


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  • MacNut
    Apr 25, 11:21 AM
    Trump is a good businessman... which may be good for corporations if he gets elected. IMO though, what we need is a President who looks out for the people, not business.

    Either way, I don't see a Republican candidate winning at the moment. Obama, even with "low" ratings, has enough to win re-election.To be honest I don't think we will ever find a president that works for the people again. They love and need their rich donors to get elected.

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  • iLucas
    Mar 27, 10:23 AM
    $3.60/gallon here in Evansville Indiana as of yesterday afternoon

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  • ITR 81
    Oct 9, 04:49 PM
    DVD's are obviously pretty profitable or they wouldnt bother selling them, so what they are saying is if the movie companies let Apple sell movies they are gonna cut off their noses to spite their face and pull a really profitable sales line? I dont think so - ********* idiots.
    Actually not really. I use to sell them in my store.
    I'm sure they get a better deal then us but not that much better.

    Normal DVD retail is like this.
    DVD normal sells $24.95
    DVD wholesale would be around $19.95
    If I bought a case I would get them for $16.95.

    This doesn't help when Best Buy and Target and Wal-Mart sell them at 19.95 for the very first week! I'm lucky if I make 5 bucks on DVD sales...then factor in shipping costs of the DVD's.

    Selling DVD's is like selling comic have to sell massive amounts of them to make any kind of money.

    I figure Target and Wal-Mart make around 3-5 bucks on each DVD they sell.
    Some folks ask us to match Wal-Marts and Targets and Best Buy pricing...but we can't normally. We can't even make any money of them now.

    I once had a DVD for sale. It was priced at 24.95. I paid 19.95 for it. I marked it down to move it. Guy comes in to tell me Best Buy sells the same DVD for 14.99!

    Mar 26, 12:42 PM
    Why not just have high fuel taxes ala Europe?In CT we are taxed I believe 50 cents on every gallon. The problem is that as gas prices rise people buy less of it and the taxes dry up.

    Jun 14, 07:15 AM
    I think the next big project might be to reorganise the Guides category by adding appropriate subcategories such as (for example) Mac Hardware Guides, Mac OS X Guides, iPod Guides etc. It's getting quite large as it is, and it might make it easier to find relevant articles.

    It shouldn't be too bad, there are only 120 articles in the Guides category, so any changes should be much simpler than what I've done. And also you can also go through the standard categories to find the guide articles now.

    I think getting more people editing the rest of the guides and getting people using the guides is the next step, especially from the iPod/iPhone side.

    As well as a lot of very short articles there is a lot of good content already there.

    Jan 17, 08:03 PM
    do the push notification require some kind of a service.. like ATnT

    Mar 25, 11:33 AM
    This has to be one of the best deals I've seen. If I didn't insist on having 3G I would return my 3G iPad to AT&T and get his one instead and save $130.

    May 2, 04:04 PM
    thicker thinner, is it really worth front page news? let us have news of obama bin ladens death!

    Um... This is MacRumors. So... front page news = new news and... yes?

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