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the black swan quotes

the black swan quotes. Maureen O#39;Hara - Black Swan
  • Maureen O#39;Hara - Black Swan

  • NWI73
    Apr 18, 01:04 PM

    the black swan quotes. Quote: Black Swan (2010) SAG
  • Quote: Black Swan (2010) SAG

  • Blacklabel34
    May 2, 02:58 PM
    Just goes to prove that Consumer Reports will tell you a lie and then show you a picture of it.

    It's probably a QC issue. Some are thicker while others are not.

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  • lack swan quotes

  • gazwas
    Apr 5, 10:46 AM

    You can see where they have retouched the Home button.

    First shot especially changes colour as it gets near the white square and there is a definite difference in texture in a circular shape around the home square in the second shot.

    Might happen on the final release but this is not a picture of it and just someone after a pathetic 5mins of fame.

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  • Movie quote: Nina: I had the

  • MacRumors
    Mar 28, 08:14 AM (


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  • alice quote, lack swan

  • tktaylor1
    Apr 25, 02:47 PM
    Even though I doubt you actually want to see anything here ( is a list of some things he promised to do and actually did. As far as politicians go Obama has been pretty good at keeping promises, I don't agree with him on everything but some of his problems with doing things come from the republicans stopping him and him having too much of a desire to compromise.

    I have seen that list and it is a list of around 500 things. There are only about 140 things here. Most of them are encouragements which means nothing. Number 279, 284, 315 who the hell cares. Number 460, I could ask them to do that. Number 502, get his daughters a puppy, who gives a flying ****. A lot of this list is horse crap that doesn't matter.

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  • Jim Carrey Black Swan Pics.

  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 6, 07:06 AM
    Thank you- i was sitting here wondering why the hell anyone would think this was a negative development... and about to post something like what you did.

    Same here. How can somebody rate this negative?

    It's a development for the future and will make many other dongles obsolete over time.


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  • Black Swan BDRip XviD-DASH

  • alamein
    Nov 26, 11:08 PM

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  • Directing Black Swan: Darren

  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 12, 05:38 PM
    Anyway, environmentalist or not, what do you think about the Fit's overall city and highway gas mileage? And does it really beat the Prius in overall gas mileage? Toyota also has a very similar small type of car that is totally sexy. To me, small is sexy (but not Smart Car), and I could parallel park easier than my huge SW, and get great gas mileage.

    I have also considered Mazda 3 and Pontiac Vibe.

    Where the Fit excels is its interior volume. It is seriously like the Tardis in its ability to betray its small appearance on the outside with its actual capacity inside. For example, I have filled it with a family of four's luggage and knick-knacks for a week-long trip, with room to spare.

    Mileage is as advertised, mostly high-20's squirting around town, nearer to high-30's with the cruise set for hours at highway speeds. I don't have the knowledge to compare it to the Prius, but I will say that the Fit's interior fit-and-finish, while well-detailed and more than adequate, is "cheaper" than the Prius, and maybe even my old Civic's.

    While it won't win many drag races, it is a fun runabout, as it's probably the shortest wheelbase car I've ever owned. Meaning, it "hops" over bumps and sneezes will put you in the adjacent lane. I haven't driven a Mini Cooper, but I suspect the sensations are similar.

    I'd buy one again in a heartbeat.


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  • lack swan quotes; Black Swan

  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Feb 24, 10:03 PM
    Nothing faux about me either, sir.

    Oooh... looks like we have the faux small-government types coming in! If you're worried about wasting of money, keep in mind that your government spends way more money on propaganda launched at you and empire-building than it does on the federal trade commission.

    Why should they even spend money on empire-building or the FTC?

    In addition, you might read up on this and see that this is really douchebag behavior we're talking about where a publisher has a "free" game for kids and then charges $100 multiple times for "smurfberries". That's pretty slimy behavior. The intention is to get a child who doesn't understand it's not play money to have their parents download the app and put in their password, then use the 15-minute window to rob the parents. The parents are thinking this is some harmless game until they get the bill.

    The main problem I have with this statement is that it absolves parents of responsibility. If a parent is going to give a child a several hundred dollar iDevice and do not spend a small amount of time understanding how apps work, then shame on them. Ignorance is no reason for a government investigation and possible future regulation in this area. Furthermore, if this truly was an extremely large problem, the free market would sort it out. If parent are outraged from this type of behavior they would not allow their children to purchase these apps and the company would change their tactics. It's simple really. However, it goes back again to proper parenting.

    I would call this bad parenting if it didn't involve trickery. Do you really expect a child to understand the difference between play money and real money?

    Not trickery. As a parent, spend a small amount of time and do a Google search on how in-app purchases work. Be proactive.

    I know, personal responsibility begins at 2, unless you're a CEO.

    Maybe 3 :D

    EDIT: maybe the moral of the story is kids shouldn't have iDevices or be allowed to use their parents'.

    Winner! Winner! Winner!

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  • derrickearl
    Mar 23, 01:33 PM
    This would support why Apple TV never made it in the top navigation bar on like the other iOS devices. They'll also license AirPlay video for all receiver manufactures. Then DVD player will disappear and manufactures will sell a box like APple TV that also serves up solutions from other software companies. Changing the source will be like changing the channel - see what Apple has on, see what Google has on, see what Netflix is playing, see what's on Red Box and so on. Thoughts?


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  • alice quote, lack swan

  • Yamcha
    Apr 19, 10:05 AM
    I like the expose like multi-tasking, seems like it would be a better experience.. Also like the white, honestly the black to me has always been pretty boring..

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  • Release Name: Black.Swan.2010.

  • Bernard SG
    May 4, 04:01 AM
    some tasks in OS X, such as networking, is insanely hard than the simplicity of the Network and Sharing Centre provided in Windows.

    It probably depends on the specifics of the network you want to build, but overall, I always found it ridiculously easy to build a Mac OS network than a Windows one.
    You may want to provide specific examples on how networking in OS X is 'insanely hard' as compared to Windows.


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  • Previous

    Dec 27, 09:43 PM
    It is not like these thieves would be waiting til the holidays to use this info.

    You can't be serious. The Holiday season is when online fraud is at it's peak, especially in places like NYC.

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  • Black Swan

  • firestarter
    Apr 5, 05:45 PM
    Same thing I was thinking. The ramifications of this.

    However, one question that intrigues me is Europe's mini-USB adoption with cell devices. How will this factor in?

    The standard says it's OK to implement via an adapter. Apple just needs to put a 30 pin to mini-USB in the box and that's it.

    The line-in port on Macs does not have any power to support a microphone. This is why the Griffin iMic exists.

    Yes it does. It supplies a small amount of power to polarise the electret mic in the headset. It;s not really enough for a 'proper' microphone, and the port is high pass filtered at 200Hz, so it's better to use the USB/30 pin for quality audio instead.


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  • Black Swan (2010) SCR (xvid)

  • heisetax
    Oct 26, 10:33 PM
    This is just the beginning of eh end for PPC software. How long do you really think that Apple will support the PPC with new OS revisions? If things stay the way Steve Jobs has done in the past, 10.5 will either be the last or at most the next to last version of a PPC version of the OS.

    More companies will probably start taking the easy way out. This means skipping the Universal Binary file & making it Intel Mac only.

    Bill the TaxMan

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  • That#39;s the battle du jour in

  • SevenInchScrew
    Jul 24, 09:29 AM
    ^ nice but too expensive.

    100-150 euro more for it is a lot. Retailers are already throwing deals together such as free game, or at least cheaper game plus extra controllers.

    I got the new machine with extra black controller, Pure & Lego Batman + newly released ToyStory 3 free.
    Yea, that was the older 360 Elite Spring Bundle that MS was selling. The reason they threw Pure and Lego Batman in is because those games are old. Both came out in 2008. I already own all the Lego games anyway. The other Elite bundle they were selling recently came with Halo 3: ODST and Forza 3, two games that I already own as well. So, the standard bundles that MS has been selling haven't been much use to me.

    The way I see it, with this bundle I'm getting the new $300 "S" console with an extra $60 controller and the $60 game for $380 (I had Amazon credit). So, I'm getting $40 off what it would have cost just for those items if I bought them separately, and that doesn't even take into account the unique color and graphics of the console and controllers. For a huge Halo fan, like myself, that counts for something. I think it is a good deal.


    the black swan quotes. Black Swan 2010 DVDSCR XviD
  • Black Swan 2010 DVDSCR XviD

  • blevins321
    Apr 1, 08:39 AM
    It's not like it's TiVo, you have to watch live, so you see commercials. But iPads are Neilson-compatible yet. :cool:

    the black swan quotes. Natalie Portman in quot;Black Swan
  • Natalie Portman in quot;Black Swan

  • curmi
    Nov 11, 04:44 AM
    I wonder if they'll do a version of the ad with the female camera that speaks Japanese, but make her an American camera that speaks English. :-)

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  • rodarte lack swan white dress

  • biohazard6969
    Sep 17, 06:12 PM
    I have a lot of girl friends because I am a ''nice guy'', but I have very few dating relationship currently (at 0 sadly), and am looking to increase those. Any advice to how to approach and what is a valid offer of something to do for a first date that isn't overly forward?.

    dude i'm in the EXACT same position as you...don't you hate it when they call ya sweet? it doesn't help when all ur girl friends are hot as hell either. but yea, so no advice ccomin from me, but good luck neways

    Sep 19, 03:32 PM (

    Apple has released a Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update in your Mac OS X Software Update. The update is described:

    This EFI Firmware Update fixes several Boot Camp and start up issues on Mac Pro computers. If the firmware update doesn't run automatically, open it manually in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

    Also available is a Mac Pro SMC Firmware update (

    The SMC Firmware Update adjusts fan behavior in the Mac Pro. After this update has completed successfully, your SMC Version will be: 1.7f8. The updater application will be installed in the /Applications/Utilities folder and will launch automatically after restart.

    Apr 9, 05:26 PM
    LyX is what i miss most since i switch from linux to mac.
    Why do you miss it? Why didn't you just continue to use it?

    LyX for Mac OS X ( :eek:

    Apr 5, 10:05 AM
    I hang out on MR a lot. And a lot of other tech blogs as well. And I love my iPad 2.

    Crap... I'm certainly not normal but I love iPad 2. What am I?

    The iPad has broad appeal and I'm willing to bet at least a few people in that room love the iPad and didn't agree with Wozniak when he made the comment.

    No, they agreed with Woz for they got what he was saying. Generalities contain truth despite the exceptions in that room, you, and me. What are you? Able to see the forest despite the trees.

    Apr 2, 01:28 PM
    I'm debating on Pages personally, its too much like a word processor and tries to play a desktop publishing program all in one. I dont mind the UI with my 30" Apple display but it seems too hard to use if you want to start out with a blank document and create anything like they have in the pre-done templates. I was impressed with the demo at MacWorld 2005 that you could have an image and it would automatically wrap text around it and the templates look nice but all in all its very hard to use it to design anything useful.

    Pages should stick to either being a desktop publishing program or a word processor.. not both.

    There will always be Illustrator and InDesign.

    Oct 6, 06:50 PM
    In anyevent please stop the whinning about developers, if they followed Apples guide lines their apps would work fine on the new model. In fact many people in these forums really should just shut up until they read the developer documentation.


    Yep if you read even just the human interface guidelines Apple's message to developers is 'think of the user's or don't bother being here'. Then there is a remarkable number of cases where the app will have it window sized clipped to suit something else happening on the device already, so it's not like any developer can claim ignorance.

    I think Apples next move would be to make the screen longer.
    What with screens like PixelQi getting up to a good high veiwing angles and the iPhone being a device you don't tend to turn off. A screen that looks great backlight on or off, albeit with very different moods, would really suit. If the screen can always show something for little or no power cost then you don't need a button to activate the screen. If your only going to turn on the screen backlight for special programmed events, then they don't need to be worried about pocket touches as much either.

    Take the home button away stretch the screen down to fill the space. The extra space in common usage is the multitasking dock and the status bar up the top. That way all apps would just work as they do now at the same res except less space pinching from the OS. In Portrait mode the keyboard would use the dock space giving more viewing space. Same with standard video views they would know to how to use the full screen and apps would get that with minimal work to.

    And that is only one Option of how they could go, I'm sure there are many more they just haven't made it out in to nerd space news.

    I could see them doing two models one a we bit smaller with same screen resolution and button but sneak say 5mm off the width and length, and one with longer screen in the same case size. If they do two models they'll release them both at the same time and run a yearly cycle.

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