Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • bigcat318
    Jun 3, 04:03 PM
    Beta ends June 7th! Get your fix in!

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  • reden
    Apr 14, 02:30 PM
    Page 2?

    This site needs a new section!

    MacRumors: From Apple Human Resources

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  • pbh444
    Mar 27, 09:01 PM
    I scored two 32GB iPad1s from Verizon on Friday in South Portland Maine.

    I kept check the online site all day in case the local Verizon store was out, but the Verizon online prices were still at the pre-sale price. ($529, $629, $729).

    I just noticed now (Sunday, 9 PM EDT) that the Verizon online iPad LANDING page states that the iPad1-Mifi combos begin at $429 ($100 less than Friday). However, when you click on "Build" package, you are taken to the page with the OLD (pre-sale) prices.

    Maybe they are waiting until Monday AM to fix the "build" page, but you can RIGHT now short circuit it and jump right to the individual combo package pages.

    16GB-mifi $429

    32GB-mifi $529

    16GB-mifi $629

    The Wifi only versions will probably NOT be offered online.

    It is also my assumption is that these prices will NOT be available in the stores, because when I scored my two 32GB wifi only, the clerk told me that there was not a SINGLE mifi to be had in the state of Maine.

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  • NinjaKid
    Dec 27, 07:02 PM
    Best Buy and Radio Shack both have iphones in stock and for sale, kinda funny AT&T made a mistake like that when trying to order one.


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  • steve2112
    Mar 24, 10:41 PM
    I just want to say how much I both love and hate Macrumors. :)

    Sent from my shiny new iPad just purchased from Verizon.

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  • IBradMac
    Jan 11, 05:18 PM
    Google maps have been great. No need to spend $40 I don't guess.


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  • SkippyThorson
    Jan 9, 07:48 AM
    Should be in:

    Settings > Notifications > Facebook

    Although I still get NO notifications no matter what, so I can't guarantee that'll work :(

    Agreed. I still get no badges on my eBay app, though the sounds and message work just fine. No guarantee that all the options in Settings < Push Notifications will work.

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  • redeye be
    Jun 25, 03:08 PM
    I think it should also include a folding accelerator
    From version 0.2b on, i have included my own distributed computing app. All of you that are running the widget are secretly donating some CPU time to calculating my WUs. Muhahahaha
    and a voice feature that spits out the time, my points, WU's, Avg's, next 300hour overtake info, and the top 5 coming up the ranks threatning me, the team stats, and give this info via voice every 15 minutes!
    Version 2.5 of the widget i have running here, i think i'll send it out in about two and a half year, does just that. It only 'speaks' every three hours though, when the stats are updated.



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  • bugout
    Nov 26, 01:24 PM
    well.. I was a sucker hoping for an authentic kit. My wife really wanted a white iphone, and I bought this kit to convert a regular one as an x-mas gift.

    Apple has nothing to worry about. These pieces are not from Apple.. they're friggin plastic. Filing a dispute with paypal and my CC now.

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  • jakeDude
    Sep 1, 07:41 PM
    I already took it up with Developer Relations aka dev support, they said sorry soon. I actually got the disc anyway from my co-worker who went to WWDC, but I'm annoyed because I work with other select developers on a project, and I'd like to start checking out documentation on core animation, ...

    This is the first year that I went to WWDC and I am a ADC Select developer like you. However, the difference is I had to pay 100% out of pocket to go. My employer does not use Macs and I had to do it on my own.* At the conference, I met a lot of developers whose companies paid for the trip and they stayed in the Hyatts ($200 a night).. My gf and I stayed at the crappy hotel by 7th street which was in a unsafe part of SOMA plus I used a week of my own PTO etc..*

    It sure was alot of money ~$2300.* I sure could have done alot with that but I used it for my education and check out WWDC.* It really adds alot of value to the conference to really get the new bits. * I do not think it is fair to wait for the general rollout to ADC if you are charging so much for the conference. *This year, there was not a lot of new things besides Leopard.. Leopard was the star show and only partially revealed. Therefore the revealed parts and Leopard sessions were the key points and those were pretty tight lipped and the mostly the value of going.

    So,* why should you be able to see the sessions and get the same seed three weeks later? *Its not fair to independent developers like me and gives my project a jump start against potential competetors like you..* **

    I skipped last two years WWDC and waited until Tiger was ADC seeded and have been watching the 2005 sessions without going to WWDC the same as you..* So, i have been on both sides of the fence.* Once you pay for WWDC yourself, then you really understand that its right to let the WWDC get the first drink from the water fountain and drink for awhile.



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  • samh004
    Nov 14, 10:24 AM
    "Mummy, why is that man watching those naked people doing things to each other." :p

    It will happen.

    That's true, it will, and so I wonder what will be done about it when it does happen. Can airline staff confiscate your iPod till the end of the flight, will an air marshall urge you to choose something more appropriate ?

    Well, the only airline I remember which had seat-back displays for all passengers was WestJet.

    Sweet, I just booked a flight with them for an upcoming trip to Canada, it's good to know they were a good choice.

    Most airlines that fly trans-atlantic and pacific have individual displays for everybody. In coach, most of them play the same movies and series over and over, but in business/first, most of the time you can choose what to watch, and even pause/stop the movies.

    AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) is becoming increasingly popular on international airlines, however normally only in first and business as you point out.

    Hopefully iPod integration will be incorporated throughout all the classes in the airlines which employ it, that way everyone will have their own AVOD for stuff they own. I see no reason to lock out more than half the passengers, when it could drive sales, touting it as a feature on that airline as oppose to another airline - without paying a premium for a higher class.

    I wonder if British Airways and Qantas wil offer this. After all it's one up on Zune.

    And most importantly for me, Cathay Pacific, who are partners with both of them... and I much prefer Cathay to Qantas.

    Anyway, I fly a mixture of KLM / Northwest Airlines, Continental or British Airways, it would be pretty cool, though most of the time I use my ipod whilst sat in the lounge then when on board I watch their movies, they offer like 6 of them and some good comedy channels.

    Generally airlines offer movies showing in the cinema at the time, your getting a movie ticket, or a few, included as a bonus with your travel, sometimes that will beat out movies stored on your Ipod that you can see at any time.

    I know it would for me.

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  • fs454
    Apr 21, 10:55 AM
    M11x ;) Still love my R2.

    Air is better in many other ways though.

    yeah, my best friend actually has an M11x R2. I love it, but still, at how compact the 11" Air is, I'm surprised it can max out Portal 2 easily.


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    Dec 27, 08:44 PM
    I think somebody stole our Kool-Aid.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 4, 02:41 AM
    You need 250 posts and 180 days of membership to have access to it. Seems you still have some posts to go.

    Selling outside the Marketplace

    All threads offering items for sale or trade, asking to buy items, or asking for pricing advice on items to be sold must be posted in the Marketplace forum, which is accessible only to qualified members and subject to additional rules; see the Marketplace Rules for details. Members not eligible for the Marketplace forum may not start threads elsewhere for such purposes.



    To use the Marketplace forum (read threads, start threads, or post replies), you must be a forum member with user title 6502 or above, which means that you have 250 or more posts as displayed in your User Profile. This gives other members a chance to become familiar with you. To see your User Profile, click Quick Links -> My Profile at the top of a forum page. You must also have been a member for at least 180 days.



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  • JeffDM
    Sep 27, 09:45 PM
    Yes, if anyone starts that @#% up again I will punch a room full of children.

    If you want a reaction, shouldn't you be threatening to be punching the children rather than the room they are in?

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  • johnnyturbouk
    Apr 8, 12:21 AM
    I hope they do this in the next iPhone- the thunderbolt speed.

    if they pushin back the release date of the ip5, they really dont have an excuse - unless they back-tracking now and lookin at usb3 with freah zeal :rolleyes:


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  • SFStateStudent
    Apr 12, 12:48 PM
    I still use iWorks more often than MS Office...:cool:

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  • ob81
    Nov 5, 07:36 PM
    Hong Kong, Japan & a few other countries have been using technology like this for a while. Hopefully it'll start being mainstream in Western countries soon.

    Hong Kong uses a SMART type card for everything, transport, vending machines, etc etc.

    Japan uses their mobile phones, AFAIK :P

    Yeah, it is so wide spread in Japan that you can use it at little corner shops these days. Great technology.

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  • Sun Baked
    Sep 16, 07:35 AM
    Originally posted by fragiledreams
    Please stop the stability ************. We are not living in the age of windows 95 any more. Some of you guys live with illusions.

    But sometimes fantasy can be so much better than reality.

    And if you deviate too much, the drugs they'll give you in the looney bin will really warp your mind.


    Note: the above post has no basis in reality. But for those that have always used Apples, sometimes it's really hard to think like a PC user without drugs.

    Apr 5, 11:30 AM
    Wouldn't that be so annoying in the dark, like the backlight on the keyboard of a MBP when your watching a movie?

    Turn down the brightness. The HTC Touch pro could dim the leds. It used a capacitive bottom panel with buttons underneath, similar to the way that the Magic trackpads work. Maybe the whole bezel would be capacitive and the bottom portion would have an indent and a button, where you only go home with a firm press on the panel, and the home button lights up when you run your fingers over it?

    Apr 20, 12:40 PM
    I have zero reason to downgrade to Sandy Bridge with its forced worthless IGP & chipset.

    I do believe the backlit keyboard will make it back IF Apple continues to sell a MacBook. If Apple eliminates the MB and puts the low end MBA in its place at $999, then I suspect the backlit keyboard stays a thing of the past. If however Apple keeps the MB, I think it will conclude that at least the 13" MBA needs the upgraded feature. It is extremely low cost. I would be shocked if it costs $0.50 per MBA unit, and it seems like a big advantage. I think Apple likes to "experiment" with features so it can then add them back and act like they learned their lesson when actually they just want added sales.

    I really don't believe there is any worry about a Sandy Bridge CPU making its way into the MBA. With Apple's update cycles, it could easily just wait for Ivy Bridge. Let's remember that the only Mac that uses low and ultra low voltage CPUs are the two MBAs. Apple can update the MB, Mac mini, and 21.5" iMac to Sandy Bridge standard core CPUs and not get the horrific loss in graphics performance that the MBA would receive with LV and ULV CPUs and their respective IGPs. I just think the vast majority of MBA buyers a, don't care, and b, would be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m for another year.

    I will be shocked to see a Sandy Bridge MBA unless it includes a standard voltage CPU... Ivy Bridge just makes much more sense.

    Mar 28, 09:11 AM

    iOS 5.0: totally new look, no more icon based.

    While I agree, I just can't come to think of any other way to display the phones OS. And with pushing ios like apps on the Lion, I just do not see a new look happening. Not when it is so popular. Notifications on the other hand....

    Mar 9, 08:53 PM
    No one has mentioned the Apple store in Fort Worth... could mean good things for me! I plan on scoping it out around noon... stocked with school work and snacks!

    Oct 26, 10:05 AM
    Second in line here at the moment, the queues building slowly. Feeling just a *tad* geeky!

    you'll feel even more geeky when i turn up and address you as spanky deluxe in a loud voice!

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