Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Dooger
    Mar 22, 06:19 AM
    I bet my students can't wait to run products like AutoCad, Final Cut Pro, Logic, Sonar and Visual Studio, on the ipad. They'll be so excited I'm sure.

    It's just a glorified web slate and note taker. By no means bad but I don't see any students where I work, or staff for that matter, rushing to get one. We may buy one or two for R&D.

    I completely agree. It's probably being aimed at the computing illiterate or perhaps commuters but in its current form with an iPhone OS, it's just not powerful or versatile enough for the vast majority of students.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 30, 08:36 PM
    Anyone who chooses the simplest operating system (like OS X and iOS, obviously) to accomplish the same tasks *is* savvy.[/QUOTE]

    Or not too bright.

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  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 10, 04:35 PM
    LoL they made 30billion of cuts. Ten times that wouldn't even be enough to save the US economy from absolute ruin. The Democrats are completely clueless as to the danger america is facing and even the republicans think it can be fixed by 60 billion.

    The debt ceiling is the last stand for america's economy. If it is raised the total collapse of the US economy is set in stone and it will only be a matter of time.

    btw Thomas Veil, your signature is actually false. It was true for some of the 2000s but even if you took all of the money from all the bankers, wall st

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 13, 04:10 AM
    Look, this is the second time you've told me, incorrectly, what you think I believe.

    "Informed people" is self-explanatory. I don't intend to spoon-feed you a response just so you can intentionally misrepresent it a third time.

    What I'm trying to do is understand your logic. The reason I'm summarizing your position is because I want to avoid misrepresenting you before I go on to explain my own point of view. Please show me where I misrepresented you. This isn't a political debate. I am only asking questions because I actually want to know the answers, not because I'm trying to "win". If you look back on our posts, I don't think you'll find any point where I intentionally misrepresented your posts. The fact that you're reacting defensively is surprising to me.

    Let's just forget it. It's my fault for expecting a rational conversation on a message board.

    The American government taxes less and serves less than any other western industrialized country, while spending over a trillion dollars a year trying to control foreign affairs through military might.

    That my friend, is a recipe for financial disaster.

    Have you been studying Mises?


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  • Ruahrc
    Mar 18, 06:46 PM
    My previous post was worded a little poorly. Ansel Adams probably did make his own paper, and did a lot of "post processing" in the darkroom.

    Back in the film SLR days, most hobby/amateur photographers did not participate in the "post processing" of their shots because they sent their film to a lab to get developed. That does not mean that there was no post processing being done to their pictures though.


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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 28, 04:34 PM
    I traded back SSF IV and got Lego Star Wars. Whilst most reviews have said that the 3D effect was minimal, I think it's actually more impressive in Lego StarWars than in SSFIV.

    Also it's not got as many jaggies Sikkinixx :p


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  • macridah
    Oct 26, 10:57 PM
    After more testing, I notice that the new .mac interface doesn't have a feature that other AJAX web based email has (yahoo, hotmail (, and more)

    You cannot press the secondary button (control+click) on a message or folder and have a menu appear with some functionality. for example, hightlight a message(s), control click, and either delete, mark as read, move to ... etc.

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  • Andronicus
    Aug 19, 12:06 PM
    If you don't like Facebook, why do you have the app installed on your phone?

    I do not have the p on my phone, but I have email on my phone. And when someone messages me on fb it sends a notice to my email.


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  • MacAddict1978
    Oct 6, 03:15 PM
    I can see different form factors. Apple at some point does have to up the ante as no other phone maker uses their "one size fits all" approach. If say they dared to offer a model with a physical keyboard that may facilitate a reason for different screen sizes. Though I still kind of take the stance that the physical keyboard is the two button mouse issue all over again. I'd love a physical keyboard though! My thumbs always hit the space key, the n, the erase key...

    But if Apple really wants to compete with Android's adoption, having a few other devices to appeal to more users would be smart. But not holding my breath.

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  • decimortis
    Apr 5, 12:08 PM
    100% FAKE.

    Everyone knows the new iPod isn't going to have a screen.



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  • DakotaGuy
    Apr 8, 09:30 AM
    That's so disgusting.

    Why? Everyone needs to be taking cuts including PPH. I am a Democrat, however I know if it were not for the Republicans controlling the House right now the talk would be of increasing spending instead of cutting spending.

    I think everyone can agree that we need to get spending under control and every department and entitlement program should be looked at and take cuts if necessary. What I would really like to see is an across the board 10% cut if I had it my way. That won't get rid of the deficit, but it would help.

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  • Nermal
    Mar 21, 09:23 PM
    There's a chain email going around here in NZ saying not to buy from BP or Mobil for the rest of the year. I'm not expecting it to do much good though...


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  • Sweetfeld28
    Oct 16, 05:59 PM
    I'll buy one when it is carried by another provider, or when GSM has better service in my part of Ohio.

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  • Liquorpuki
    May 3, 01:52 AM
    So, I picked one up the other day. Trying to find the "sweet spot" is really annoying. I'm assuming your supposed to keep adjusting the 3DS and your head until you don't see two images anymore, and that's the so-called sweet spot?

    Between the 3DS and my Fuji W3, I've learned how to find the sweet spot

    Usually when you look at an LCD you focus your eyes on the surface of the LCD. With the 3DS, you need to focus either past the LCD plane or in front of it for two images to come together into a single 3D image. Most of the games, like Pilotwings, have the 3D depth behind the LCD plane so 90% of the time you just pretend you're looking through a window at a distant object and the image comes together.

    If you keep treating the LCD like a 2D LCD and focus directly on the LCD plane, that's when you get headaches.


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  • leekohler
    May 3, 12:33 PM
    Yes they are anti-gay marriage, and anti-abortion. Here is our wonderful new Prime Minister in 2005 making his views on the subject heard:

    Also concerning is their stance on internet freedom, gun control, and Afghanistan. 4 years of majority government will be very interesting, I doubt we will see another conservative government for a while once it's over.

    They will do a ton of damage in those four years, so get ready. The more I read about them , the more they scare me just as much as our conservatives do.

    Wow- just watched him. He's a real horse's ass. How the hell did you guys elect that fool? I'm even more concerned for you Canadians now.

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  • noservice2001
    Sep 19, 03:53 PM
    nothing for the powerbook g4s?


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  • countrydweller
    Aug 19, 09:49 AM
    There will be a way to turn it off(better be), it's not working yet either.

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  • TheSideshow
    Apr 30, 04:22 PM

    It might just be me but I tried the Nexus S for three whole days and I found it incredibly confusing to use than my iPhone.

    What's more is, I got used to the iPhone on the first day of using it.

    You just made his point

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 30, 04:58 PM
    What about those of us who use OS X (Mac) and Linux (PC) about 50-50? I mean - in the sense that we can't get the work done without either one.

    For certain tasks, Windows is... good enough - but I avoid using it if I can. However, I'm not a vegetarian - and I do prefer Harley over Vespa.

    Apr 15, 05:25 AM
    Let's see...

    Most successful desktop operating system: Microsoft Windows.
    Most successful server operating system: Microsoft Windows Server.
    Most successful office suite: Microsoft Office.

    Three good reasons (and there would be more like Exchange Server, Sharepoint Portal, SQL Server, Visual Studio) to also have confidence in the man if he were hired as a product manager.

    Completely unrelated. Despite the fact that being the most successful != being the best (Or infact being reality), the guy should be hired based on his CV and own leadership skills, not the work of other PMs and Engineers.

    Like it or not, Microsoft still is the most IMPORTANT software company around, and they don't hire incompetent idiots either.

    Great last pitch there. Maybe I should start going on about how RedHat and Oracle essentially run the world. Might balance out all the crap by having it coming out form all sides. I mean, RedHat AND Oracle don't hire idiots. >.>

    Nov 12, 01:09 AM
    Therefore the average Japanese would pronounce 'lobster' with an 'L' but 'rabbit' would be pronounced 'labbit'.

    Actually, the English word "rabbit" is pronounced "rabitto" in Japanese, without any hint of an "l" sound.

    The Japanese "r" sound is not an "l" sound, but rather a short, rolled-tongue, nasal "dr" sound. (Imagine "drabbito," with the "dr" sound coming off the tongue very lapidly, er, rapidly.)

    Mar 28, 08:36 AM
    Can't wait to head back to SF! :apple:

    Sep 17, 04:28 PM
    I think the biggest problem here is that she's AT WORK. A friend of mine who's a professional waiter/bartender used to have a problem with a female patron who would basically come into his bar every night and stalk him. He HAD to serve her; that was his job. But she made it very difficult for him by hitting on him, grabbing his butt, stuff like that.

    I'm not saying you've done anything like that, but the point is that when someone is at work, they're supposed to be working. They have to show just the proper amount of friendliness required for them to do their job effectively, without it becoming a social / "hey, what are you doing later on?" type situation.

    My advice to you: Let this one go.

    Apr 12, 05:57 PM
    If people are less likely to use a cashier who is an ethnic minority (which I dispute, but anyway), would that make them less productive and less valuable for their employer?

    So, if it is thought that an ethnic minority would actually do a job worse, because of other people's discrimination, then ethnicity technically would make a difference to their ability to do a job.

    Would this be grounds for not employing them?

    I just don't see that in real life and I think it would be almost impossible to prove in a court of law.

    My belief is that we need to move beyond skin color and towards a system where the economically repressed are given a better chance to move up the ladder of success.

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