Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • deadkennedy
    Apr 14, 05:10 PM
    Balmer soon to follow as chief of iPhone and iPad development.

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  • GilGrissom
    Oct 26, 06:29 PM
    Gutted I didn't get a free T-Shirt, they were all sold out when I got in. I arrived earlier than expected, pretty much bang on 6. An Apple Store employee came out and told us we were queuing in the wrong bit, it was at that point everyone realized the queue went round the entire block!

    Installing Leopard as we speak, only just got in, spent all night at the Studio talking! (Apologies to the friendly Apple employees my friend and I were talking to all night propping up the bar!).

    Dam tubes getting slower at night time!

    Was quite interesting seeing the diversity, I enjoyed it, just wish I had a T-shirt.

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  • TMRaven
    May 10, 05:58 PM
    Well, like you said, I get the same experience in OS X, just slightly lower graphics settings. Which is fine for me. However, for me, I just prefer to not reboot my mac just for SC II, when it runs in OS X as well. Besides, I normally use iChat or Skype to get voice chat working, which I have set up in OS X. I can't wait though for a week or so when I can then play SC II on my Mom's 27" iMac. I have more VRAM on my MBP, but her screen is so much bigger, so I can't wait. Has anyone played SC II yet on the 27" iMac?

    You're quoting a guy who said he played SC2 on his 27 inch iMac!

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  • gnasher729
    Mar 25, 10:35 AM
    Samsung and LG already settled with Kodak.

    Kodak's (NYSE:EK) market cap is < $1B.

    Why doesn't Apple just buy them and continue the suit against RIM?

    Probably because Apple's lawyers and engineers have looked at the patent, decided there is little risk for Apple having to pay up, and Apple has no intention spending money to buy ailing companies, and Apple has no intention of suing RIM with patents that RIM is most likely not infringing on either.

    And of course it would open up Apple to an avalanche of lawsuits from companies that are not doing too well, have some patent that is vaguely related to some Apple product, and would sue Apple in the hope of being bought out.


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  • steve2112
    May 1, 11:43 AM
    Somehow, I knew you would reply like you did. Again, I have a job in an actual data center as a systems administrator. Let me tell you, I know the real story. ;) And it's not just my company. Go take a look around and see how many shops use Windows to run their SAP environnements. Their peoplesoft stuff. Heck, just their lowly Oracle installations.

    And who said I was talking about Enterprise Macs ? My Unix boxes cost well over 100k$ a piece.

    It depends on where you work. I have worked for agencies within the US government that were almost 100% Windows. Granted, we weren't running anything like SAP or Peoplesoft, but the servers virtually all Windows based. We had a few Solaris boxes scattered about, but that was about it. I guess Microsoft had better lobbyists or something.

    My current employer (different agency) is much better. Oddly, one of the components I work with is heavily...AIX. I guess IBM isn't totally dead yet.

    Edit: Bah, forgot to do multiquote

    Anyway, regarding the earlier discussion on Android vs. iOS: I don't see how Android is that hard to use. I never even looked at my user manual. It's all touch based with pretty icons. How is that difficult?

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  • rumorsdan
    Apr 4, 03:35 AM
    ah ok...:o



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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 11, 08:01 PM
    US made bikes? HA. good luck - there are like 3 main manufacturers all over seas that put out most frames (Giant is a big one.) - past that SRAM and Shimano are going to be your group (i think SRAM still has some US plants). Wheels will be easier to find but hubs/rims - not so much.

    I'm not going for 100% US-made. I'd like something designed and assembled in the US with a US-made frame.

    I'm single. I need a sexy car, not a four door.

    American carmakers don't really do "sexy" anymore, unless you find trucks and SUVs sexy. Ponycars are pretty much your only option.

    It must be nice having so much money that you can base your car purchase on a political statement ... though I understand you folks are working with the best intentions.

    Everyone's situation is going to be different. It's neither wise or economically realistic to restrict yourself entirely to domestic products. But everyone can support their local or national economy in some way by being a more educated consumer.

    It's also worth remembering that there are precisely zero passenger vehicles on sale in the US that are completely designed and built in the US with 100% US parts. Every car being built these days has foreign content somewhere. I have no special loyalty to US car manufacturers at any rate.

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  • ikir
    Feb 19, 12:06 PM
    Being a vegan is probably what's wrong with him. Friends don't let friends eat veggie burgers !!!!!:eek:

    Vegetarians are in general healty. It all depends on what you eat, a vegeratian could eat only fried chips so it would not be healty :-) I'm vegarian and i'm awesome too and sadly i don't get sick even if i want :-( I have many friends who are vegetarian and they are not necessary slim, one of them has some Kg extra.

    Last studies finally, after many years of ignorance, state vegans/vegetarians are OFTEN healty. Stop the nosense.


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  • Cliff3
    Mar 29, 10:57 AM
    As far as Nikon goes: The reason was the F- Mount.. High speed crop is a byproduct. the D700 does not have it and some other don't either but they all MOUNT DX lenses in crop mode AND full frame mode.

    The term high speed crop was specific to the D2X. If you reduced the capture area to around 5Mpx, the frame rate increased from 4-5 FPS to 8 FPS. All of the Nikon FX bodies have a setting on the Image Setting menu called Image Area that governs whether the body automatically crops an image if it detects that a DX lens is mounted to the camera.

    The only DX lens I had was the 17-55 and I sold it a few years ago when I replaced it with the 14-24 and 24-70.

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  • MRiOS
    Jun 13, 10:33 PM
    Also if you don't have the apps on your iTunes, I believe that if you are logged into your iTunes account and click the purchase button for an app that you've purchased before, it will pop up a box that says you've already paid for that app and allow you to download it again. (I believe this is true, I'm just not 100% positive on this)


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  • lieb39
    Mar 21, 04:47 AM
    Hello everyone,

    Has apple ever officially responded to any false marketing claims they may have accidentally stated? For example - them stating their macbook pro battery life lasts X amount of time, however it really lasts X -3 hours.. and they've responded in an official capacity?


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  • Abulia
    Sep 27, 10:41 AM
    Yep, sounds good. I likes me some OS updates.

    Rack up another one (10.4.9) in December followed by another just before Leopard (10.4.10) and I reckon we'd be done.
    No, no, no! Don't you know, after 10.4.9 Apple has run out of numbers! It'd have to be 10.5.0!


    Couldn't resist...sorry!


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  • bmustaf
    Apr 5, 05:56 PM
    I think you're misinterpreting my language - I mean "for the user that knows even the most basic amount about technology" the user experience is superior in my estimation.

    Not the interpretation you seem to be reading into it that reads more like "anyone who doesn't agree with me is an idiot".

    How does knowing something about tech make it a superior device? Are you basing it on something like a feature list? It is a highly inferior device because it is an inferior means of accomplishing the vast majority of tablet-related tasks as compared to the iPad. I'm not knocking Android by any means�it will continue to evolve and tablet offerings will improve�but in the tablet world it trails a considerable distance behind iOS and that is what matters most.

    By no means. They're just struggling to evolve with the products they review. I agree that they're poorly suited to review some of these more technical devices and I think their methodology renders many such reviews released by them fairly useless, but they serve a valuable purpose, it would be a shame to see this type of service go away, and I can't see how they've become obsolete to many folks out there.

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  • infernohellion
    Nov 11, 08:38 AM
    I wonder why in Thailand it's just a Thai voice-over of the US Version (of Justin Long) commercial. Well, we're pretty much the smallest mac market in the world therefore there's no need for the localized version of Mac... LOL


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  • beaner454
    Mar 26, 06:16 PM
    I agree that it's a side street, but don't think it's Bryant. My CA office is just off Bryant, so I've walked it up and down and can't place it. The reflection is what suggests a side street to me.

    It's Calafia over at Town & Country off of El Camino.

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  • nagromme
    Apr 19, 09:57 AM
    Whether it ships or not, I hope it’s real and not just an OS hack. I’d like Apple to keep playing with different multitasking UIs. The current version is nice, and those iPad developer gestures are awesome, but it’s worth experimenting to find the best method.

    The Expos� thing is neat, but needs app icons added to the windows.

    I like the new(?) folders—looks like they’d fit 3 icons across, to better match what you see in the folder icons! Hope they keep that system. Or something with 3 across. (Or, if nothing else, have 4 across but show the top-left 3x3 set in the icon.)

    Anyone notice the lip around the edge on the front and back? Maybe will help avoid scratches when dragged on a flat surface.

    Maybe that’s just how it looks in white, with that lighting? The glass may not be inset any more than the existing version—which has black plastic lip in the same place (flush with the glass).


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  • eshroom
    Dec 2, 10:21 AM
    It's always depressing to see someone else succeed at such an obvious idea. Maybe next time...

    The idea is nothing. The kid obviously put time and effort into finding a decent supplier at a low price, marketing, web development. Hats off to him.

    If you think you can develop a good idea then go ahead and try, there's loads here: (

    Do me a favour and PM me so I can track your progress.

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  • bmcgrath
    Oct 24, 01:16 PM
    I'm gonna be there at 6 I think. I'm flying from Dublin to get to the launch....(not really)
    But seeing as I'm in London for the weekend it would be rude not too take a gawk at Leopard :D

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  • bishopduke
    Oct 26, 12:54 PM
    I used Cool Edit a lot in college to do radio drops etc. I loved it. It was really just a wav editor. Then Adobe bought it, and I haven't used it since. Although It seems they kept true to the heart of the software. I still prefer what is now called Adobe Audition over Soundtrack. Although, they really are pretty different.

    Oct 9, 03:32 PM
    Just what can Target say? "If you allow Apple do do something that might cut into out DVD sales we will intentionally sell fewer DVD" Kind of like holding a gun to your head threatening to shoot.

    Jan 7, 03:19 PM
    What are people mainly using the Push for? I certainly wouldn't want to be updated every time one of my friends posts on Facebook... I know there are different settings - just wondering what kind of updates people use this for.

    Mar 19, 08:04 AM
    Do these devices need to access anything on your LAN, or do they just need Internet access ?

    If they need LAN access, then if you're thinking about just using mac address filtering for them, then why bother with WPA2e for the rest ?

    If they just need Internet access, then use a different SSID connected to a VLAN that only has Internet access, obviously with suitable firewall rules in place.

    I tend to suggest using a wired connection for anything that doesn't support wireless at the required security level, and if it only supports wireless at a level that doesn't meet the required security level, then I wouldn't purchase it.

    May 2, 12:57 PM
    This is truly breaking news.

    Sep 14, 08:38 PM
    EJBasile: for the record, do you know what happens when you ask for extra anesthesia before surgery? :) ;)

    it's a rare moment that someone is awake through surgery. usually, i understand, it's a result of a specific patient's reaction to anesthesia, not the administration of it.

    of course, that didn't stop me from expressing my fears, the last time I was under :) the anesthesiologist was very thorough, he has clearly answered that question a lot.

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