Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Steve Jobless
    Oct 9, 10:12 PM
    As ITR 81 already mentioned, they are already often selling at below their cost to attract customers. They don't have any room to go lower unless the studios drop their prices.

    thats true and I agree, however best buy often offers much lower prices, which attracts me to them, hell I'm a loyal customer regardless of how crappy of a company it may be.

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  • mac-er
    Sep 13, 11:05 AM
    I had all IV.

    They start the IV, inject one drug. It made me feel really, really good. I think I am addicted to it, because I would love to have some more of it. (No, I haven't had any since the surgery).

    The second drug he injected me with made me start laughing at everything he (the anthesiologist) said, then my head got really heavy....don't remember anything after that.

    Luckily, they do all the "bad" stuff after you are down your throat, foley catheter.. :eek:

    After surgery, it feels like you have the worst hangover in history. I slept for like 20 hours (through the rest of the day and night). I guess that depends on how much anthetic you get, but there is no way I could've stayed awake for any reason. It felt like I had been awake for 3 days straight.

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  • twoodcc
    May 5, 11:11 AM
    Welcome grapes911 to the team :D

    thanks for joining! welcome! :)

    guitars wallpapers. guitars wallpapers. wallpaper. syklee26. Sep 12, 06:50 PM. can someone tell me how to do that quick scroll thingee? i get it sorta randomly.
  • guitars wallpapers. wallpaper. syklee26. Sep 12, 06:50 PM. can someone tell me how to do that quick scroll thingee? i get it sorta randomly.

  • RalfTheDog
    Apr 14, 09:56 PM
    Rats, sinking ships and all that. </troll>


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  • InuNacho
    May 5, 10:38 AM
    Aww the Mini, Pro, and i7 27" aren't on there.

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  • Hisdem
    Nov 18, 10:50 AM
    I know that Apple's concern about the white iPhone (according to the rumors) is color matching, which, of course, I can't blame them for wanting it to be perfect. Was just some sarcasm there, guys :D

    I would like to hear from those who got this kit though. Do the colors match or not?


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  • triceretops
    Apr 12, 08:14 PM

    I use Office for work stuff, but Numbers, Pages and Keynote for all my personal stuff. I like the latter better.

    Anyway, I don't think I will attempt to download this on the 300 kbs connection I have here at the hotel that drops out occasionally. Think I will wait until I get home later this week to get this.

    15" MacBook Pro i7, G4 400, G4 867, Apple TV, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 1G, iPod 1G

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  • shadowfax0
    Sep 24, 01:33 PM
    Oh ok, SCREEN SAVER mode, well that makes sense, I can't wait until you do it with the CLI version ::drool::


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  • jtopp
    Oct 8, 09:10 AM
    I disagree. Apple doesn't need to compete with that at all. Android is not taking iPhone sales as long as Apple is selling them as fast as they can make them. In fact, the smaller droids are too small and the larger droids are too large..

    The whole idea of business is to sell. Why not try to outsell and take business from other companies? Android is taking sales away from Apple because they are selling a competing product.

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  • Dreadnought
    Jun 12, 03:06 PM
    That could be, I had to restart after installing the security update.


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  • barkmonster
    Sep 14, 09:01 AM
    If your Mac is slower than a PC for any reason on the same application it is because the software hasn't been optimized for the Mac. Write the software developer before you complain about the Mac speed. Get them to develop for Altivec. It makes a world of difference.

    No chance.

    Most applications that can take advantage of Altivec already do, there's a lot of processes that can't benefit from Altivec at all and that's where the G4 is getting beaten senseless.

    Even Altivec itself is crippled by the bus speed.

    The G4 achieves 1.3Gb/s on the dual 1Ghz G4 with the 167Mhz Front Side Bus.

    Remembering that there's 8 bits in a byte and memory is 64 bit the Mb/s of the FSB works out as follows :

    (100 / 3) x 5 = 166.666 this is just the precise way of calculating the bus speed

    64 bit / 8 = 8 bytes

    8 x 166.666Mhz = 1.333 GB/s

    Remembering that 1.3Gb/s is the most the system controller can transfere to either CPU, altivec is hardly getting any of the juice it needs at all with the current G4 design.

    Assuming we're still talking about that dual Ghz G4, Altvec works out like this :

    (128 / 8) x 1000Mhz = 15.625 Gb/s

    It's only getting a measly 1.3Gb/s, hardly what it needs.

    Plus both CPUs and both Altivec units have to share the same 167Mhz FSB to transfere data to and from main memory.

    Even though the L2 and L3 cache have a lot to play in getting around the FSB bottleneck, that's 1.3Gb/s of bandwidth shared between cpus and SiMD units that require a total of 33.85Mb/s.

    If you're working on data that's less than 256K it fits in the L2 cache and there's no bottleneck, anything bigger than that and it's either got to fit in the L3 which is half the required bandwidth or it's coming from main system memory with that tiny 1.3Mb/s of bandwidth.

    guitars wallpapers. Guitar Wallpaper Black And; Guitar Wallpaper Black And. bdj21ya. Sep 15, 07:04 PM
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  • scandalous sc
    Aug 19, 02:39 PM
    Even with the new update today I still couldn't log in, it wasn't until I turned off BiteSMSsb in Mobilesubstrate via SBsettings and the Facebook app finally worked!


    guitars wallpapers. guitars wallpapers. Electric guitars wallpaper; Electric guitars wallpaper. jholzner. Aug 24, 08:20 AM. may be Creative could use this precedence to sue
  • guitars wallpapers. Electric guitars wallpaper; Electric guitars wallpaper. jholzner. Aug 24, 08:20 AM. may be Creative could use this precedence to sue

  • stephenli
    Oct 16, 09:39 PM
    Here's what I'm sick and tired of:

    Give me a break.

    good post! can't stop laughting!!!!
    but it proves how we love Apple products, right?

    btw, give me a Powerbook G5 and video iPod in, please :) (and an iPhone in winter 06!!!!)

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  • cdarlington1
    Jun 29, 07:26 PM
    How beautiful would that be for Time Machine, particularly in a laptop?

    Yes please...


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  • fixyourthinking
    Nov 22, 08:04 AM
    Interesting concept, but their website ( scares me away in a hurry. What was that about making a good first impression?

    What scares you about the website?

    I am also skeptical about the claim of 30% efficiency. If we had thermoelectric materials that operated at that efficiency, we could all say goodbye to refrigerator compressors and turbine generators in favor of devices with no moving parts, higher reliability, and no CFCs.

    30% does seem high ... solar energy doesn't even get that (at least currently available commerciallly) - I wonder if this could somehow be combined with solar voltaic cells to increase their efficiency. For instance, what about a strip on a laptop that harnessed enough light to power something as well. I mean calculators run on ambient light.

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  • Benjy91
    Apr 26, 09:59 AM
    I don't want a boring DVD. I want Lion to come on one of those cool MacBook Air-style memory sticks, only compatible with ThunderBolt.

    Yea! And limit their new OS to about 20% of their users.


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  • PlipPlop
    Mar 24, 07:43 AM
    DLNA doesn't even remotely compare to Airplay. Have you tried both?

    Whats the diff? I only use windows file sharing to stream my media.

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  • jdczar
    Mar 10, 09:11 AM
    I will be at the Fort Worth store too im not expecting a crowd

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  • Time Less
    Apr 21, 02:26 PM
    When the current form-factor is fundamentally flawed:

    1. Fragile build materials (glass that shatters)


    Xian Zhu Xuande
    Apr 5, 10:32 AM
    It's not ready for the masses yet, but if you know even the slightest about tech (in its use, not in more technical aspects), it *really* is a superior device at the moment.
    How does knowing something about tech make it a superior device? Are you basing it on something like a feature list? It is a highly inferior device because it is an inferior means of accomplishing the vast majority of tablet-related tasks as compared to the iPad. I'm not knocking Android by any means—it will continue to evolve and tablet offerings will improve—but in the tablet world it trails a considerable distance behind iOS and that is what matters most.

    CR is obsolete.
    By no means. They're just struggling to evolve with the products they review. I agree that they're poorly suited to review some of these more technical devices and I think their methodology renders many such reviews released by them fairly useless, but they serve a valuable purpose, it would be a shame to see this type of service go away, and I can't see how they've become obsolete to many folks out there.

    Mar 25, 08:23 AM
    I called my local verizon store. girl told me she would only sell an original ipad bundled with their mifi. Forget it.

    Oct 16, 04:43 PM
    Does this tell us anything? The iPhone will eventually come out... great! Before it comes out, it will be tested... double great!

    As for the random iPod tidbit at the bottom, it has nothing to do with the rest of the rumor. On another note, does it make any sense? Why would apple start production on the new iPod in December? When would the release be then?

    Jun 23, 10:02 PM
    It would be great if we could also have possibly have a team overtake, and who may overtake our team. In addition, something showing the day-to-day output of the team.

    Oct 26, 10:13 AM
    How long is the line?

    10? 20? 50?

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