Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • JoeG4
    Mar 18, 06:53 PM
    How about how to succeed?

    1. Hold the camera really still. No, that's not still enough.
    2. Don't shoot pictures from the back seat
    3. long exposures at night are godly
    4. Don't use the flash at night.

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  • IBradMac
    Aug 19, 01:00 PM
    3.2.1 has been pushed out from the App Store.

    Still doesn't work. Pointless update.

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  • 5hhhhh
    Apr 29, 03:53 AM
    It just happened that I can't open some pdf files anymore (preview, acrobat, whatever....)

    "file may be corrupt or can't recognize..." (preview)

    "damaged and could not be repaired" (acrobat)

    i guess that happens to files i want to "save to .pdf" after clicking "print"....

    (the other way round, to save a file to safari, open that, print and save to pdf, works...)

    hope you can help!!!!!

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  • abby0880
    Sep 1, 04:02 AM
    This is nice if it will only be made visible to your friends or if the application will allow you to choose who will know where your exact location is. However, if this is something dangerous, then maybe it will not be worth it. play australian pokies online (


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  • GarfieldH
    Feb 18, 11:00 PM
    Where is Bill Gates?!

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  • RacerX
    Apr 3, 04:03 PM
    I think if it's trying to define a new category it will fail.
    Well, Pages for NEXTSTEP failed, so it already has a history of that. But that doesn't negate the fact that a number of new categories are needed to fill in the gaps left by the current line of specialty apps.

    But a more important question is... Do you want it to fail? And is this because you don't see this need from your point of view? Or that you can't comprehend a new category?

    Why, in your opinion, is it going to fail?

    People won't really know what to do with it and won't understand why they need it. It's important to provide a comparison so that people can understand what they can do with the app.
    Why is a comparison needed? Are people unable to understand a description?

    When you compare it to PageMaker, that doesn't help the people who it is aimed at. They know nothing of PageMaker. The comparison is meaningless to them. Why do you think Apple has been pushing it more along the lines of a word processor? Because it is aimed at people who want something more than a word processor but have no clue about PageMaker, InDesign or QuarkXPress.

    And by making a comparison you are setting up the other app as the yard stick...

    I'm just saying give Pages a chance to find it's own place.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 14, 03:43 PM
    is that thing besides the ethernet port the "Kinect port" they mentioned on the spec sheets ? just why couldn't the do it with an usb port exactly
    Power port for Kinect. If you use Kinect with this new 360, it can be plugged into the console, no other power connection needed. However, if you use Kinect with an older 360, which doesn't have this new power port, you will need to connect it to a wall outlet. I'm guessing with all the motion tracking, and various sensors in the unit, they just couldn't get by with powering it solely on USB.

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 10, 07:49 AM
    Exactly! That's why the iMacs didn't get the Intel procssors until 7 months after the Mac Pros, right?Apple was in transition working from the bottom up to the pro models but now that the transition is complete I guess it will be back to the old way of doing things. I could be wrong and would love to see everything updated. You just never know with Apple because of the backroom deals they make with manufactors.


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  • talmy
    Mar 2, 10:41 PM
    A lot of services are missing from server admin, some have dumbed down features in the (which replaces server preferences) but a lot is missing.

    Doesn't seem right to remove services. Perhaps they will reappear later in the beta.

    At least for my use, all the services seem to be present (except Printer Server, which I use but don't really need, as all it really offers is spooling and is otherwise a PITA).

    I don't really have time to install and look into this. I'll just investigate when the final release comes out, and maybe a .1 after that! I already know of some Lion issues that will keep me away for a while anyway. And as long as Snow Leopard server will work with Lion clients I can certainly wait!

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  • lockhartt
    Sep 25, 02:35 PM
    Omg with no laptop updates, I'd like to watch as Apple's laptop sales tumble. Already the Apple Store dropped their MacBook shipping days down to 3-5 days (nobody wants it). :mad:

    Having visited my local Apple Store several times over the last two weeks (my PowerBook G4 was in for warranty repairs), I can safely say that I saw more MacBooks selling than any other computer... easily two MacBooks for every iMac that sold.

    This is no surprise when you consider the price/performance ratio and the overall market shift toward mobile computing (not to mention back-to-school season).

    If anything, I'd say it's a safe bet that Apple may be having trouble keeping up with demand.


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  • Mhkobe
    Mar 2, 12:23 AM
    In-app purchase can be disabled using parental control. This is stupid. I expect my tax to be used by my government to tackle bigger problems, oh maybe like jobs and the economy, not to appease some idiot "parents."

    You are completely right. I would also like to say that the distinction between in app purchases and in game purchases is very clear, the only step that must be taken is for parents to teach their children the difference. As time goes on it seems that more and more people believe that the solution to all their problems is government action. There are many cases where government intervention is required, however, when there is such a simple solution it is illogical for government to get involved.

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  • JayMysterio
    Jun 22, 12:50 AM
    When you get a HD, demos, demos, demos, demos...

    The Blur demo was a lot of fun, the Split Second demo wasn't bad, and now I am hooked on the Crackdown 2 demo.


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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 10, 11:13 PM
    Considering the Mini got bumped lately do you reckon that's very likely?


    I'm sure Apple will progress the Mini to C2D when they Macbook is updated. The Mini only received a minor speed bump the last time around and I bet it had more to do with keeping consistant pricing than it did with updating a product.

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  • peterja
    Feb 18, 12:46 PM
    Certainly hope it is not the last supper, Steve Jobs would be Jesus though.


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  • jobesucks
    Apr 12, 04:53 PM
    Gutted, seems there's still no support for syncing google calendars or am i missing something?

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  • countrydweller
    Aug 19, 09:49 AM
    There will be a way to turn it off(better be), it's not working yet either.


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  • Macky-Mac
    Mar 17, 05:37 PM
    if you set up a business streaming somebody else's copyrighted material, you should certainly face stiff penalties but it shouldn't be a criminal charge

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  • javaGuru
    Aug 19, 10:09 AM
    This new location feature is screaming "Im not at home, please break into my house!"

    I agree; It's way too easy for people with bad intentions to know the best times to break into your home.

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  • andy42
    Mar 21, 08:59 PM
    1,469€/L for 95 (that was cheap for today)

    Dec 12, 05:58 AM
    That seams like a great idea! But how can I use the mask and wand tool? Can anyone please teach me?

    redeye be
    Feb 9, 11:20 AM
    My current host has taken down my site (where the widget is hosted). The attachement thing here on MR is not working apparently so you'll have to wait .

    I'll probably be up again next week, sorry.

    Mar 28, 09:08 AM
    Please, please, please, please let them add Sandy Bridge to the MBA.

    Mar 29, 10:00 AM
    Thatisme, please read this, and read it CAREFULLY...…

    These are the complete comments to all your relevant posts:

    "To the previous post about focal lengths, the difference in perceived focal length comes into account when you factor in the 1.6 cropped sensor. Since the sensor is physically smaller than a Full Frame or 1.3 crop sensor, it is essentially taking the image from the center portion of the lens.

    So, you WILL get different focal lengths from 2 identically marked lenses where one is an EF-S lens and the other is an EF lens."

    --INCORRECT on the same body you will get the EXACT same image

    "Nikon also created a FULL FRame camera a while back that also had the ability to create a "cropped" image to increase it's rate of capture to achieve results in FPS that were similar to canon's 1D series bodies. Effectively if it captured less pixels per image, it could do so faster."

    -- ALL Nikon Cameras can use ALL Nikon made lenses. And no, that wasn't the main reason to do that.

    "YOU WILL GET DIFFERENT IMAGES IF YOU USE A 200mm EF Lens on a 7D (APS-C) and a 200mm EF-S lens on that same camera due to the FOVCF. on the EF lens, the 200mm assumes you are using the ENTIRE image circle of the lens, which you are not. You ARE using the ENTIRE image circle on the EF-S lens, which is a True 200mm for that camera. You have to use the ENTIRE image circle to get a true measure of the focal length. when you use only a portion of that image circle, you have to apply the FOVCF to get the EFFECTIVE focal length."

    -- This is pulled out of you mind because it does not make sense at ALL and is so incorrect it's not even funny.. the lens is NOT adjusted to the focal length.. the length is the same.. the EFFECTIVE focal length (or Field of VIEW) comes from the sensor.. NOT the lens!!!

    "ok. this is getting comical.

    From your post, blasting me....

    A canon 55-200 EF-s and a 70-200L lens at 200mm on a canon 7D will produce the exact same image...the same as if you would mount both lenses on a full frame body and crop the image by 1.6"

    -- NO YOU WONT!!! what are you? a troll that needs feeding??

    I compared BOTH lenses mounted on a 7d to BOTH lenses mounted on a 5d… if you crop the BOTH images from a 5d you have the same as BOTH from a 7d..
    If you take BOTH shots from a 7d .. they are the SAME.. and they are the same if you shoot them both on a 5d..




    Apr 21, 12:56 PM
    If the hardware isn't that much different from the iPad 2 then why would they give it to devs early?

    You can't accurately judge how a game will run on an iPhone based on the iPad. Size and weight play a big part in terms of locations for on screen controls.

    I'd like more memory, perhaps going 768MB in the meantime - that extra 256MB over the 4 will easily hold an extra 10-20 apps in memory.

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